Land Records

Sawyer County Land Records
Hayward, WI  54843
Telephone: (715) 634-3564
Fax: (715) 634-3546
Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday

Sawyer County Land Records is located in the County Courthouse off the common lobby at 10610 Main Street.   The Land Records Department is the custodian of and maintains the county’s assessment and real property listings.

Sawyer County contains 39,137 parcels.  The entire County is mapped at various scales.  Most parcel maps are 14” x 17”, contain one section and are scaled at 1” = 400’.  In addition to section maps there are subdivision and condominium maps.  Copies of documents and Certified Surveys affecting real property are received from the Register of Deeds.  New surveys and new parcels are mapped onto the base maps.  New property owners and transfers of ownership are listed through the property listing system.

The Department makes and keeps maps and descriptions of all parcels for use by assessors, appraisers, municipal officials and offices and the general public.  The listing includes information such parcel identification number, name and address of owner, acreage, Certified Survey number, and assessment values.  Other services include aerial photographs and GIS data.  Mailing address changes for tax statements are processed through this office.  Land Records also maintains the County property address/fire numbering system.

The Land Records Department is a custodian of current land information.  It does not have any historical land information such as past owners, title chains, or easements.

Department Staff:
Land Records Director/Surveyor
Dan Pleoger 715-638-3240

Real Property Lister
Lavonne Nedlose 715-638-3294

GIS Specialists
Brian DeVries 715-638-3261

Kimberly Wendt    (715) 638-3279


Chris Gregory    (715) 638-3260
Catlon Phelps    (715) 638-3260