Veterans Service Office

Location: 15872 East Fifth Street, Hayward, WI 54843 (just east of Sawyer County Sheriff Department)
Office Hours: 8:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M., Monday through Friday
Telephone: (715) 634-2770
General E-Mail Address:
Mailing Address: 15872 East Fifth Street, Hayward, Wisconsin 54843

Office StaffRenee Brown, Michael Skinner



County Veteran's Service OfficerGary Elliott



Van Drivers: Dan Delisle, Steve Pace


The Veteran's Service Office provides information and assistance for veterans who wish to apply for benefits. Some of the benefits available are:

Federal Benefits

  1. Service Connected Compensation for injury or illness while in the service

  2. Non-Service Pension for veterans that were in during war time and have income below present rates

  3. Health Benefits - we provide transportation to the VA Hospital in Minneapolis (Please schedule ride 2 workdays in advance)

  4. Burial Benefits for all veterans. Benefits vary with the individual

  5. Nursing Home Assistance

  6. G.I. Loans

  7. G.I. Insurance

  8. G.I. Bill for Education

STATE BENEFITS: Must be eligible.

  1. Home Loans

  2. Home Improvement Loans

  3. Personal Loans

  4. Tuition and Fee Reimbursement Grants

  5. Part-Time Study Grants

  6. Retraining Grants

  7. Aid to Needy Vet Grants

  8. Wisconsin Veterans Home

Programs and Services

For recently separated Veterans......
Recording DD-214’s – If you haven’t had your Separation Papers from the service recorded at the Register of Deeds, it is encouraged for you to do so.  A permanent and local recording of your service document is essential. 

  • Healthcare

  • Service Group Life Insurance conversion VA Life Insurance Program - See Links To the Left

  • Establishing Eligibility with the State and Federal Dept of Veterans Affairs 

  • Establish Service-connected disabilities with the Department of Veterans Affairs 

Assistance with completing necessary application(s) for:

Frequently Asked Questions and Misconceptions about

Service related Disabilities and Compensation

C&P Service Fact Sheets, page CAP09 - See Links To the Left 

Provide assistance with obtaining other benefits......

- See Links To the Left

  • GI BILLS (all types) Dept. of Veterans Affairs Education Service

  • Part-time Study and Retraining Grants WDVA Job Retraining Grants 

  • Education Loans WDVA Personal Loans 

  • WDVA Educational Benefits 

  • Federal Work-Study Program 

WDVA  =  Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs.  In order to be eligible for Wisconsin Veterans Benefits, the veteran must meet the current eligibility criteria.

WDVA Eligibility Requirements- See Links To the Left

- See Links To the Left
The Sawyer County area is a part of the VISN 23 Network of Veteran Healthcare Administration (VHA) Services.  The main facility, Minneapolis VA Medical Center, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, provides services to meet every Veteran’s healthcare needs.  The VHA has an Out-Patient Clinic right here in Hayward.

  • Federal VA  Health Benefits and Services 

  • CHAMPVA  Health Administration Center - CHAMPVA Homepage

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE   - See Links To the Left

  • WDVA Personal Loans

  • WDVA  Aid to Needy Vets Grants

In addition, we can assist you with the following: - See Links To the Left

  • Obtaining military records at the NARA's National Personnel Records Center

  • Be a guest speaker for your organization or function to discuss Veteran’s Benefits 

  • Conduct Home, Assisted Living Facility and hospital visitations for those not physically able to come to our office 

  • Provide Outreach to veterans that are in remote areas 

  • Provide Pre-death counseling in regards to your benefits 

  • Pre-register you for burial in one of the State VA Cemeteries 

  • WDVA Help for the Homeless

  • Making Military Honors arrangements 


  • Certificates of Eligibility   

  • Federal Home Loan Guarantee (Green Certificate) VA Loan Guaranty 

  • WDVA State Primary Mortgage Loans (Gold Certificate) WDVA Home Mortgage Loans 

  • WDVA Home Improvement Loans 

  • Process claims for burial allowance(s) 

  • Process applications for Burial Markers 

  • Survivors Benefits

  • Burial Flags 

  • Presidential Memorial Certificates

  • Obtaining Medals for your time in service through the National Personnel and Records Center
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