Natural Reasources/Lakes

Sawyer County
Economic Summit
November 9, 2005
Natural Resources/Lakes 

  1. Use stewards of the land to help regulate, create new regulations, etc. to get more current rules.  Buy-in from a greater number of people.


  1. Determine organizations damaging the environment and enforce (public shame) sanctions.


  1. Identify alternative energy sources with available resources.


  1. Natural resources – action group to look at rules and regulations to preserve lakes and natural resources. 


  1. Protect the natural resources by planning and building sustainable recreational trails for motorized and silent sports.


  1. Make area of Hwy 63 to Hwy 77 and north to county line a no cut zone for logging.


  1. Develop county position for recreational director to be a liaison for multiple user groups – motorized/non/hunters.


  1. Designate specific lakes for heavy recreational use eg. marinas, condos, campgrounds, water craft, etc.  Enforce rules and regulations.


  1. Continue to review, revise and amend zoning and other ordinances that affect natural resources and lakes.


  1. More parks, trails and recreational facilities.


  1. Establish more citizens to monitor milfoil.


  1. Maintain or increase county tax dollars to promote recreational opportunities and advertising; training classes and mentoring programs; develop walking trails.


  1. Preserve the fishery – quality stock.  Preserve water quality, mitigate pollutants and preserve for the future.


  1. Green-type development.  Use local materials and renewable energy with emphasis on protecting natural resources.


  1. Enforcement of existing regulations and ordinances.


  1. Restrictions on clearing land totally at development.  Affordable housing in American is a dream but in Sawyer is a nightmare.


  1. Maintain and grow public access to lakes, parks – family recreation – healthy choices – walking paths – skiing.


  1. Develop fishery management plans for publicly accessible lakes in Sawyer County with input from the general public and LCO tribe on goals and objectives.  Then have DNR, LCO conservation, lake associations and fishing clubs work together to achieve the common vision for quality fishing.


  1. Protect shoreland and work with.


  1. Again, bring one or two representatives from all governments to plan zoning, land protection and resources for regional unity.  WORK together. 


  1. Sustainable natural resources initiatives to preserve the area natural resources while providing the “public” with opportunities to gain access to privately held natural resource areas (eg lake shores).


  1. Educate the public on the need to work together to use, enjoy and market our natural resources knowledgably and safely.