Planning/Regional Collaboration

Sawyer County
Economic Summit
November 9, 2005
Planning/Regional Collaboration


  1. Drop boundaries/turf issues between groups to collaborate to make real progress w/focus groups made up from all segments.


  1. Recognize the disparity between year around and seasonal residents (interest in job development, land use etc)


  1. Human services need to be accountable to work and plan together to provide services to all.  Working together – collaboratively amongst all (ie. towns, cities, tribal, other organizations). 


  1. Development of a county wide plan that involves citizen input.


  1. Reconvene this group in six months to discover actions taken and accomplishments.


  1. Develop both long and short term growth plans and hire someone to be responsible for implementation.


  1. Break down by categories the infrastructure for accessible services for elderly to use natural resources/lakes.


  1. Implement the plan and work together as a region. 


  1. County master plan.


  1. Master plan for each township.


  1. Implement regional planning, smart growth and comprehensive land use plans with follow up and frequent public meetings.


  1. Regionalize government by consolidating town, city and county boards.  Reduce administrative costs in school districts and invest savings where voters determine.


  1. Seek input from diverse groups when formulating the comprehensive plan.


  1. Receive suggestions unconditionally by the county board.


  1. Encourage NWRPC to coordinate monthly planning groups.


  1. Create four regional centers to build future development.  Connect these with public transportation.  Centers will feed off each other with respect to services, jobs, recreation, housing, education incubation center.


  1. Understand and utilize existing plans and committees.


  1. Consolidate public (and private) services (fire, EMS, police) between townships, city, county. 


  1. Develop strong regional planning in NW Wisconsin.  Direct connection of Co. Bds. Trade reps.


  1. Better – more open communications between Sawyer County – LCO – individual townships, all government agencies.


  1. Meaningful smart growth – encompasses equal representation between all.  Not just special interest groups.


  1. To create a joint planning session between all county, township, village and city officials.  To validate what was accomplished today, develop an implementation plan and provide support.


  1. Gather information and share plans driven by the Economic Advisors Committee of County Board.


  1. 3rd party (Extension office?) lead collection of these materials and organize.


  1. Develop a Regional Board to assist cities, towns, county in developing a Smart Growth Plan for the region.


  1. One to two representatives from each county, city, tribal, township boards to have a meeting similar to this, a joint planning session on working together.