Sustainable Development

Sawyer County
Economic Summit
November 9, 2005
Sustainable Development

  1. Take an inventory of water/land in trust that can’t be developed, as well as that w/environmental damage, then create long term plan.


  1. Review all regulations and compare w/”Smart Growth” communities and make changes to ensure growth is measured against goals.


  1. Work with local entrepreneurs and small business startups with financial and business planning to create “local” jobs.  Assist in access to local institutions, county and regional RLF’s. 


  1. Focus on importance of agriculture, development for local use. 


  1. Explore eco clusters – renewable energy options.


  1. Provide education and monies for promotion of tourism, training and retention of employees.


  1. Aggressively promote economic development.


  1. Aggressively work on implementing a comprehensive transportation program ie. air, bus, cars, etc.


  1. Promote bio-fuel and solar energy collection, processing and utilization to reduce dependence on fossil fuels.


  1. Create a facility in Sawyer County for higher education devoted to developing sustainable business practices.


  1. Begin planning, set goals such as preservation of natural resources and work out plans to reach the goals of a sustainable community.


  1. Utilize existing railways to develop manufacturing facilities.  Use existing resources to expand business.


  1. Create a co-housing community concept for affordable housing.


  1. Provide education and support for grass-based and organic agriculture.


  1. Promote local infrastructure (hotels, facilities) for hosting small business meetings and conventions.


  1. Address current mental health programs and substance abuse to lay groundwork for future development.


  1. Create new Med Tech incubator community to address quality of live and assisted living issues – elderly – handicapped – young/we have the population – resource.


  1. Education, funding opportunities and technology. 


  1. Educate all of the children about sustainable development and they will share with their parents and grandparents.