Summit Outline 2005


Sawyer County Economic Summit
November 9, 2005
LCO Casino and Convention Center

Sponsored by...
The Sawyer County Economic
Development and Planning
  • Bill Voight

  • Bruce Miller

  • Shirley Riedmann

  • Arlene Mizerka

  • Hal Helwig

For Further Information Contact:

Sawyer County - UW Extension
10610 Main Street PO Box 880
Hayward, WI 54843-0351
Phone: 715-634-4839
Fax: 715-634-6820

PDF- a. Brochure - c. Summit Presentation/Information
 Title Description
a. BrochureDownload- about the Economic Summit
c. iii. Regional Economic TrendsDownloadBeverly Gehrke, Department of Workforce Development, Jerry Hembd, UW-Superior/Extension
c. iv. Sawyer County FeaturesDownload(Photos from Sawyer County citizens about what they would like to preserve and grow)
Presentations 2006
 Title Description
Impacts and OpportunitiesDownloadPDF
Impacts and OpportunitiesDownloadPower Point
Mega Trends Affecting Renewable Energy DevelopmentDownloadPDF
Mega Trends Affecting Renewable Energy DevelopmentDownloadPower Point
Renewable Energy Regulation in WisconsinDownloadPDF
Renewable Energy Regulation in WisconsinDownloadPower Point
August 17 PresentationDownloadPDF
August 17 PresentationDownloadPower Point
Wichert PresentationDownloadPDF
Wichert PresentationDownloadPower Point