TitleModified DateDescription
Purchasing Policy7/18/2016 
Board of Supervisors Policy and Procedures Manual7/6/2016Adopted June 2016
Board of Supervisors-Self Organized County6/14/2016Documentation for a Self-Organized County Board
2016-2017 WPPA Contract6/9/2016 
2015 Policy Manual3/19/2015 
Mileage Reimbursement Rate

Effective  May 3, 2011, mileage reimbursement rate is 52.5¢ per mile.  This is for all County employees

Benefit Plans
 TitleModified DateSizeDescription
Health Ins Option 32/18/2015208.00 KB 
Health Ins Option 2-Summary12/7/2015212.12 KB 
Health Ins Option 3-Summary12/7/2015211.16 KB 
Vision Plan9/30/20142.89 MB 
Medical9/30/20149.76 MB 
Dental9/30/20143.71 MB 
Ammendments to Medical Plan9/30/20141.53 MB 
Health Ins Option 12/18/2015209.50 KB 
Health Ins Option 22/18/2015207.00 KB 
Health Ins Option 1-Summary12/7/2015211.88 KB