Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Ag & Extension

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Sawyer County Ag & Extension Committee

March 3, 2004


Committee Members Present:          Shirley Suhsen  Frank Romnes John Hirschfeld

                                                            Bill Voight                    Nate Delong


County Personnel Present:                Lori Laberee                Gerry Berg-Sutten        Trinke McNurlin          

                                                            Mary Wolfe


Chairperson Suhsen called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m.


Approval of Agenda

Motion to approve the agenda by Voight.  Seconded by Hirschfeld.  Motion carried.


Approval of Minutes

Motion to approve minutes from the February 4, 2004 meeting by Hirschfeld, seconded by Voight.  Motion carried.


Sawyer County Ag. Fair Association

No report. 


Agent Reports

Berg-Sutten reported on the Sawyer County Wisconsin Nutrition Education Program (WNEP).  She presented committee members a copy of the new WNEP/FLE Healthy Home Newsletter.  A display board exhibited WNEP newsletters, website and individual contact information.  Berg-Sutten shared a variety of means used to educate the public including home visits, area food pantry’s, budgeting workshops, flyers/mailings, health clinics, fairs, senior meal sites, after school and 4-H club meetings.   


Written reports were submitted by Berard, McNurlin, Laberee and Wolfe (reports on file).


Moved by Voight to approve the agent reports and out of county travel, seconded by Romnes.  Motion carried.


Approval of Vouchers

Motion by Romnes to approve vouchers, seconded by Hirschfeld.  Motion carried.


Any Other Business




Motion to adjourn by Hirschfeld, seconded by Voight.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 9:30 a.m.






Lori Laberee, Recorder