Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Land & Water Conservation

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Sawyer County Land & Water Conservation Committee

March 4, 2004



Committee Members Present:                Nate DeLong                  Frank Romnes

                                                                    Shirley Suhsen               Bill Voight

                                                                    John Hirschfeld              Roger Ploger


Others Present:                                        Carol Larsen, County Human Resources
                                                                    Mike Anderson, Parks Advisory Committee

                                                                    Mike Koehler, NRCS
                                                                    Art Voightlander, NRCS
                                                                    Dale Olson, County Conservationist

                                                                    Dianne Ince, County Treasurer

                                                                    Don Mrotek, County Trails Coordinator

                                                                    Sue Miller, DNR



The meeting was called to order at 8:30 a.m.  Motion by DeLong, second by Romnes, to approve the agenda.  Motion carried.


Motion by Voight, second by Hirschfeld, to approve the February 5, 2004 minutes.  Motion carried.


Billyboy Dam Easements

Agreements are pending with both parties.


Land Sale Concerns

Request from Winter Co-op to withdraw application to purchase item 14, 2003 Land Sale List due to possible contamination from fuel tanks previously at the site.  The sale was approved at the January meeting.  Motion by DeLong, second by Voight, to approve withdrawal of the application.    Motion carried.


NRCS Business

Koehler distributed work report (copy on file).  Discussion regarding expansion of Dwight Metcalf’s farm operation.  Anticipate EQIP fund sign-up in April.  Motion by Hirschfeld, second by Ploger, to approve the work report.  Motion carried.


Voightlander provided an update for the soils mapping project (copy on file).  Currently 74% of the County mapping is completed.  Anticipate completion in early 2006.


DNR Business

Miller reported that conservation warden Tom Heisler will be transferring to the Winter Ranger Station in early April.  DNR Big Timber Island purchase has been completed.  Fisheries staff  have studied rock reef habitats for walleye spawning.  The review determined there is a low probability of success. 


Park Advisory Committee Report

Anderson reported on discussions regarding a beach site at Tag Alder Boat Landing and Nelson Lake Wayside.  Also discussed additions/changes for County Outdoor Recreation Plan to be revised in 2006.


County Work Report

Olson reported on presentation at shoreline zoning meeting.  Presentation has resulted in new requests for shoreline buffers.  Discussed potential funding for project to inventory Sucker Creek.  Technician work report distributed.  Motion by Voight, second by Romnes, to approve the work reports.  Motion carried.


Page 2, Sawyer County Land & Water Conservation Committee, March 4, 2004



Review bids for house removal/demolition at Namekagon River Park

Received one bid for project from Roy’s Enterprises (copy on file).  Motion by Hirschfeld, second by Romnes, to approve the bid from Roy’s Enterprises for $2,216.00 for the Namekagon River Park project.  Motion carried.


Improvements for Namekagon River Park

Discussion regarding potential improvements for 2004 including handicap accessibility and parking.


Joint DNR/DATCP Grant Application for 2005

Review of grant application including $85,000 for staffing and $60,000 for cost-sharing.  Motion by DeLong, second by Voight, to approve the grant application.  Motion carried.


Powerline Funding Impact

Distributed information on proposed payments (copy on file).  Discussion regarding potential environmental uses.



Reviewed vouchers submitted.  Motion by DeLong, second by Voight, to approve the expenditures.  Motion carried.


Other Business

Olson reviewed request from WISPRIG regarding mercury contamination.  Also discussed intensive use areas for ATVs and DNR enforcement funding limitations.


Discussion regarding the status of the base flood elevation study for the Billyboy Dam project.  Olson will follow-up with Heather Harrington of NWBE.


Closed Session

At 10:30 a.m. motion by Romnes, second by DeLong, to enter into a closed session pursuant to section 19.85(1)(c), Wisconsin Statutes, for the purpose of conducting employee evaluations.  Motion carried.


Motion by Voight, second by Romnes, to simultaneously return to open session and adjourn.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 10:40 a.m.





Jan Eck, Recorder