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Land & Water Minutes 01/08/2009

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Sawyer County Land & Water Conservation Committee

January 8, 2009


Committee Members Present:           Bernie Kadlec             Jim Bassett                                                                                         Bob Vitcenda               Dean Pearson                                                                                     Shirley Riedmann       Doug Mrotek


Others Present:          Mike Koehler – NRCS

                                    Mike Gehrke – SCDC

                                    Don Mrotek – SCSAA

                                    Linda Zillmer

                                    Dale Olson

                                    Tim Seidl


The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m.  Motion by Riedmann, second by Mrotek, to approve the agenda.  Motion carried.


Motion by Riedmann, second by Bassett, to approve the December 9, 2008 minutes.  Motion carried.


Audience Recognition  

Zillmer inquires about a possible bicycle trail addition along County Highway F in the Town of Edgewater and how to be on the committee.


Gehrke suggests Sawyer County looks into the existing Department of Transportation road map for cyclists for an overview of the trails currently designated in Sawyer County.


Amendment to Outdoor Recreation Plan

Land and Water Conservation Department Director Dale Olson presented the Land and Water Conservation Committee recommendation to approve amending the 2006-2011 Sawyer County Outdoor Recreation Plan to include the development of additional pedestrian and bike paths to be located in the Town of Hayward along County Highway B, and connected to a regional trail system.  Motion by Riedmann, second by Mrotek to approve the amendment.  Motion carried.


Discussion regarding the possibility of looking into utilizing the fairgrounds as a trailhead and parking area, as well as destination location.  Riedmann commented that Rails and Trails funds could possibly be applied for to take care of related expenses.


Crop Prices for Wildlife Damage

Table of the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) prices for the last 14 weeks with high, low and average price handed out.  Current prices from the Exeland Feed Mill also included.  Tim Seidl noted the funding for this year should be covered from the DNR but the Wildlife Damage Program has been dipped into for CWD related expenses, which may cause loss of funds for next year.



Page 2, Sawyer County Land & Water Conservation Committee, January 8, 2009


Discussion of the best way to set crop prices, committee members decided to take the average between the CBOT and Exeland Feed Mill when available, otherwise the average from the CBOT. 


Motion by Vitcenda, second by Mrotek to set the crop prices as follows: 

Corn:  $5.43/bu (includes high moisture corn)

Beans:  $9.65/bu

Oats:  $3.03/bu

Sunflowers:  $0.30/lb

Round/Alfalfa Bale:  $85/bale


Motion carried.


Wildlife Damage 2008 Shooting Permits table distributed for committee information. 


Land & Water Resource Management Plan

Draft plan handed out to committee members, Olson explains the need for the plan to receive state funding.  Discussion on future projected funding from the state/federal government. 

A meeting is scheduled for January 13th for the LWRM plan committee to go over the plan again and a public hearing will be scheduled.  A draft of the plan will be made available on the website after the January 13th meeting and before the public hearing.


NRCS Business

Koehler gave an overview of the NRCS cost share program.  Funding is down about 20-30%.  The funds are distributed by ranking.  Discussion on the process of conservation plans and whether other agencies such as zoning are checked on before a plan is approved for cost sharing.  Koehler points out that a cost share plan is not a permit, and ultimately the landowner is responsible for the required permits to make their project legal. 


DNR Business 

No new business.


LCO Business 

No new business. 


County Work Report

Work reports distributed. 

DATCP cost share funding has been cut from $30,000 to $20,000 for 2009.  Cost share projects with plans for 2009 include livestock, riprap, and biolog projects.  Projects can be funded up to 70%, with the landowner paying 30%.  DNR violation projects must be funded at 70%.  Olson asks the committee how they want to see the funds split for the remaining projects, and recommends livestock projects continue at up to 70% cost sharing, and others funded up to 50%.  Motion to table the issue to gather further information by Riedmann, second by Vitcenda.  Motion carried.


Olson updated the committee that a phosphorus fertilizer prohibition law will be coming before the State Assembly in the future.


Page 3, Sawyer County Land & Water Conservation Committee, January 8, 2009


Monthly Expenditures

Expenditures reviewed.  Motion by Vitcenda, second by Riedmann, to approve the monthly expenditures presented.  Motion carried.

Other Business for Discussion

Riedmann recommends the department send a monthly letter to the Appropriations Committee requesting funding. 


Motion by Vitcenda, second by Mrotek, to convene into closed session for employee evaluations.  Motion carried.  [Minutes of closed session are kept in a confidential file in the County Clerk’s Office.]  Motion by BV, second by SR to reconvene into open session.  Motion carried. 

Motion by DM, second by BV to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 10:55 am.

Kelly Nechuta, Recorder