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Public Safety Minutes 02/11/2009

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Public Safety Meeting – February 11, 2009 – 9:00 a.m.
Assembly Room - Sawyer County Courthouse
Members present:  Jim Bassett, Mel Olson, Fred Zietlow
Others present:  Sheriff Jim Meier, Chief Deputy Tim Zeigle, Lt. Kurt Barthel, Veterans Service Officer Ray Boeckman, Ambulance/Emergency Government Director Brian Cody, Coroner Dr. John Ryan, Animal Control Officer Sherrie Shelton, STOP Grant Counselor Dan Cousins, Child Support Director Sandy Okamoto, Maintenance Supervisor Dennis Erickson, Maintenance Person Tim Hagberg, TJ Duffy, Human Resources Manager Carol Larson, Terrell Boettcher
Vice Chair Zietlow called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.
Motion by Bassett, Olson seconded, to approve the agenda as presented.  Motion carried. 
Motion by Bassett, Olson seconded, to approve the minutes of the January 9, 2009, meeting.  Motion carried.
Cousins gave a presentation on the Sawyer County Traffic Offender Program (STOP).  Under the program, individuals with two or more OWIs will be court ordered into an intensive supervision program designed to monitor bond conditions between the time of the arrest and the final court action on their charge.  They will be ordered to refrain from using alcohol, will be required to call in daily, and will be subject to random testing on a weekly basis.  According to Cousins, this type of program has had success in other counties reducing OWI recidivism and/or lengthening the time between OWI occurrences. 
At the previous meeting, the Public Safety Committee asked Larson to prepare a resolution requesting that our legislators and the Wisconsin County Association lobby for strengthened drunk driving penalties.  Larson presented a draft of the resolution and asked the Committee for direction on whether they wished to make specific recommendations for penalties or wished to simply state their general support of strengthened penalties.  Bassett said he believed the resolution should contain specific recommendations, but pointed out that this issue was raised by Vitcenda, who was unable to attend the meeting.  Motion by Bassett, Olson seconded, to table action on the resolution until next month, with the understanding that the Committee will make specific recommendations at that meeting to include in the resolution.  Motion carried. 
A private contractor was hired to perform some building alterations at the jail.  Erickson raised concerns regarding dust from the project that migrated into other areas.  Dust went between the fixed ceiling and the dropped ceiling tiles, which serves as the air return.  Erickson explained that the dust could create problems with the smoke detectors and alarms.  Meier said that he could assign prisoners to do some general clean-up of the dust, but acknowledged that cleaning the dust from the duct work would require specialized equipment.  Erickson stated that he warned the contractor of the need to turn off the air exchange system during work and to plug holes to prevent the migration of dust.  Motion by Bassett, Olson seconded, to ask corporation counsel to review the contract (proposal) for the work to determine if the County could hold the contractor liable for costs to clean the duct work.  The motion directed Erickson to obtain a cost estimate for this clean-up and referred the matter back to the Property & Airport Committee for action, with a request to also update the Public Safety Committee.  Motion carried.     
Sheriff’s Report:
Sheriff Meier presented the monthly sheriff’s department report. 
Okamoto reported that a process was worked out to address situations where prisoners with huber privileges have insufficient wages to cover both their child support obligations and their huber fees.  Larson reported that the Courthouse Committee recommended to the Finance Committee that they also discuss the impact of this situation at their meeting. 
Meier explained that the food service contract with A’viands includes a provision that Sawyer County will provide one cook on a full-time basis.  The County’s one remaining cook on staff retired effective January 30, 2009.  Meier previously informed the Committee that he did not intend to replace this position.  A’viands prepared a cost adjustment of 39 cents per meal to their contract to reflect Sawyer County no longer providing a cook to them.  Meier reported that, based on jail occupancy, this increased per meal fee will cost approximately $32,000 annually.  That is less expensive than the nearly $42,000 wage and benefit cost to the County of the position.  Motion by Olson, Bassett seconded, to recommend County Board approval of the contract amendment.  Motion carried.   
There was no out-of-county travel requested.  Motion by Olson, Bassett seconded, to approve the Sheriff’s Department vouchers as presented.  Motion carried.
Zeigle reported that Sawyer County entered into an internship program with WITC-Rice Lake for law enforcement students to shadow officers in the field. 
Lt. Barthel presented the monthly jail report and inmate statistics to the committee. 
Animal Control:
Shelton reported that she is still off from work with her workers compensation injury. 
Motion by Bassett, Olson seconded, to table discussion on the proposed ordinance to control stray/feral cats until Maki could be present.  Motion carried.
Motion by Olson, Bassett seconded, to table discussion on weekend staffing needs at the dog pound until the March meeting.  Motion carried.
There was no out-of-county travel requested.  Motion by Olson, Bassett seconded, to approve the Animal Control vouchers.  Motion carried. 
Veterans Report:
Motion by Olson, Bassett seconded, to approve out-of-county travel.  Motion carried.  There were no vouchers for the Veterans office.  
Boeckman informed the committee that a March 27th open house is being planned for the Veterans Clinic in Hayward.
Coroner’s Report:
No out-of-county travel was requested.  Motion by Olson, Bassett seconded, to approve the Coroner’s vouchers as presented.  Motion carried. 
Ambulance Report:
Cody reported that he is working out the final details of the process to switch to contracted billing for ambulance services.  He also updated the Committee on EMT class participation and testing. 
No out-of-county travel was requested.  Motion by Bassett, Olson seconded, to approve the vouchers for Ambulance/Emergency Government as presented.  Motion carried. 
Other Matters for Discussion:
Motion by Bassett, Zietlow seconded, to go into closed session as authorized by WI State Statute 19.85(1)(c) for the purpose of conducting annual performance evaluations for the Veterans Service Officer and the Ambulance/Emergency Government Administrator.  Motion carried. 
(Minutes of closed sessions are kept in a confidential file in the Sawyer County Clerk’s Office.)
Motion by Bassett, Olson seconded, to return to open session.  Motion carried.
Motion by Zietlow, Bassett seconded, to adjourn.  Motion carried.  The meeting was adjourned at 10:55 a.m. 

Minutes recorded by Carol Larson