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Forestry Minutes 02/09/2009

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DRAFT                                                               Minutes

Sawyer County Forestry Committee

February 9, 2009


Committee Members Present:         Jim Bassett                          Shirley Riedmann                              

                                                                Doug Mrotek                         Dean Pearson    


County Personnel Present:                               Pete Sievert                          Kris Mayberry                        Dale Olson


DNR Personnel Present:                   Nick Koltz                              Pete Wisdom                      


Others Present:                                   Warren Johnson                  Don Mrotek                           Fred Stowe

                                                                Butch Meyer                          Bill Noonan                           Rob Lang

                                                                Ned Zuelsdorff                     Lionel Johnson                    Richard Metcalf

                                                                John Saunders                    Ken Johnson                        Terrell Boettcher



The meeting was called to order at 9:30 am by Chair Bassett.  Motion by Mrotek, second by Riedmann to approve the agenda with the addition of Town of Winter request for compensation for damage to Town roads due to County logging .  Motion carried.


Motion by Riedmann, second by Bassett to approve minutes of the January 7, 2009 meeting.  Motion carried.


Audience Recognition

1) Don Mrotek requested that snowmobile/ATV trail projects be placed on agenda.  Riedmann stated that  motorized and non-motorized items could be put on as a subtopic under Sawyer County Forestry Report.


Event dates



Approval of Fire Warden list

Motion by Mrotek, second by Riedmann to send Fire Warden list to County Board with recommendation for approval.  Motion carried.  Bassett abstained.


Access Plan - Committee recommendations

Notes from the 1/21/09 was sent out with agenda.  January 21, 2009 meeting:  1) The game retrieval options were discussed.  Motion by Riedmann, second by Mrotek to go with Option #3:  No cross-country travel allowed by motorized vehicles; ATV allowed to use Limited Open trails for game retrieval if:  no firearms in possession, one ATV/2 people, animal must be tagged prior to entry.  Motion carried.  2) Motion by Riedmann, second by Mrotek to designate 9 Mile Loop open year 'round because it is sustainable as stated the Plan, the trail is checked often and will be kept open year 'round if the maintenance of the trail does not exceed the dollars/mile available in grant funds.  Motion carried. 3) Motion by Mrotek, second by Bassett that snowmobile trails are closed to automobiles and trucks once they are groomed (with Peterson and Stakeholder group to formulate wording in Plan).  Motion carried.  February 4, 2009 meeting:  1) Spring Closure:  Motion by Riedmann, second by Pearson to adopt Option #4:  The Forest Administrator would have discretion of opening and closing trails and extending/shortening closure.  Motion carried.  Motion by Riedmann, second by Bassett to adopt Option #3:  County-wide wheeled vehicle closure - April 1st through May 15th.  Motion carried.  Riedmann amended motion, and Bassett amended second so that the Committee will accept Option #3 and Option #4 can supersede Option #3.  Motion carried.


Other areas of concern were discussed.  Don Mrotek brought up Limited Access and other ATV issues that he felt had not been discussed adequately.  Riedmann stated that after the ATV Master Plan is presented at the March 9, 2009 meeting, that the stakeholder group meet again before April meeting and incorporate changes into Plan.  The County Board could sanction an Ad Hoc Committee to deal with issues relating the recreational trails on the County Forest.


Responsibility for County recreational trails

The Forestry Committee has determined that Dale Olson and Tim Seidl from the Land & Water Conservation Department would assist with rehab trails (grant funded) on an interim basis, advertising and working with contractor to see that projects get done in a timely manner, Dee will take care of paperwork.  Peterson or Olson can be contacted for information, etc.


Sawyer County Forestry Report

Sievert reported:  1) 8 active sales with two sales wrapping up shortly and 2 new sales starting within the week.


DNR Forestry Report

Koltz reported:  1) Has received request for information from Town of Lenroot Chairman regarding the 10% severance share that is paid to townships from timber sales.  Ten percent is the minimum required payment, the County by County Board resolution can pay a higher percentage.




Page 2 - SAWYER COUNTY FORESTRY COMMITTEE MINUTES (Continued) - February 9, 2009


Town of Winter request for compensation for damage to Town roads due to County logging

A bill was received in the amount of $5236.02 for damage to Thornapple Grade roadbed by logging trucks in May 2008.


Sievert stated that there are people using the roads in the Town of Winter for logging purposes including Rusk County, Plum Creek and others.  Johnson also stated that there is a lot of clearcutting being done in the Winter Block.


Riedmann stated that between the severance that the Town of Winter receives from stumpage cut and the road aid received, the Town should be able to keep roads up to standard.


Warren Johnson, County Board representative from the Town of Winter, asked that this item be tabled until the March meeting.  Motion by Pearson, second by Riedmann to table item until March 9, 2009 meeting.  Motion carried.



Motion by Riedmann, second by Mrotek to approve the vouchers as presented.  Motion carried. 


Other matters for discussion only

Monthly reports were passed out.



Closed Session

Committee consensus determined that a Closed Session was not needed at this time.



Motion by Riedmann, second by Pearson to adjourn.  Motion carried.  The meeting was adjourned at 10:50 a.m.




Delores Dobilas, Recorder