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Ag & Extension

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April 1, 2004


Committee Members Present:                        Shirley Suhsen,  Bill Voight, Frank Romnes, John Hirschfeld,

County Personnel Present:                        David Berard,  Trinke McNurlin, Kevin Schoessow, Carol Larson

Others Present:                                     Ed Metcalf


The meeting was called to order at 8:30 am by Shirley Suhsen, Chairperson. 


Approval of Agenda & Minutes

Motion to approve the agenda made by Romnes, seconded by Voight.  Motion carried. 

Motion by Voight and seconded by Romnes to accept the minutes from the Mar 3, 2004 meeting. Motion Carried.


Sawyer County Agricultural Fair

Ed Metcalf reported of SCAFA activities including: alteration of bathrooms to meet state guidelines; planning for new donated poultry building; bids request for concrete in exhibit hall; lining up of person to clear land that county is allowing SCAFA to use; policies regarding fairgrounds use; revamping of fair book; and need for Extension office to better utilize features of the Blue Ribbon program.


Request for Employee Reclassification

Berard had submitted a reclassification request to Carol Larson on behalf of Rebecca Brunner-Stroede. Larson explained that procedure has been that the request be submitted to the personnel committee in May. The personnel committee then will seek a recommendation from the Ag & Extension Education Committee. Motion by Romnes, seconded by Suhsen to table the request until the personnel committee requests input. Motion carried


Agent Reports

Kevin Schoessow updated the committee on activities including: focus on energy, low cost livestock facilities, Winter master gardener group, display at LCO hand drum contest, direct marketing workshop and upcoming projects. Internal search for the Saumer replacement was not successful, so an external search will take place. Berard and McNurlin submitted written reports. Berard notified the committee that he had been requested to take a special assignment on behalf of the state program area. The assignment would require approximately 1/3 time over the next year, and a backfill could be provided. Recommendations for working out the details will be presented at the next months meeting. Motion by Voight, seconded by Romnes to accept written agent reports and out of county travel for April. Motion carried.



Motion by Hirschfeld, seconded by Voight to approve vouchers for month for Extension. Motion Carried.


Other Business for discussion only



David A. Berard, Recorder