Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Agriculture and Extension Education 08/09/2010

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Sawyer County Ag & Extension Committee Minutes

August 9, 2010

8:30 am


Committee Members Present:          Jim Bassett                  Dean Pearson              Dale Thompson

                                                            Bruce Paulsen             Chuck Gunderson       Warren Johnson


County Personnel Present:               Lori Laberee                Dave Berard                Trinke McNurlin

                                                            Lisa Wydra                 Dale Olson


Others Present:                                  Linda Zillmer              Chuck Aubart             Diane Daulton            


Chairperson Pearson called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m.

Approval of Agenda

Moved by Bassett, seconded by Thompson to approve the agenda. Motion Carried.

Approval of Minutes

Moved by Bassett, seconded by Paulsen to approve the minutes of the July 7, 2010 meeting.  Motion Carried

Audience Recognition

Linda Zillmer asked that the Basin Educator present include discussion regarding revisions.

Sawyer County Agricultural Fair Association

Chuck Aubart reported.  Updated the committee on the schedule of setup events from now until the Fair. 

133 Contracts

Chair Pearson asked that the committee receive the agent contracts ahead of time, as does Bruce Paulsen.  Moved by Pearson to table item until next month, seconded by Paulsen.  Motion carried. 


Discussion.  Moved by Bassett to forward budget to Finance committee, seconded by Thompson.  Motion carried. 

Agent Report – Dave Berard, CNRED Agent

Dave Berard introduced Diane Daulton, Basin Educator from Park Falls.  Daulton overviewed what she does in her position and what is available to Sawyer County.  Discussion.  Dale Olson says Sawyer County could use the program by producing a CD or some type of educational material for woodland owners; a centralized location of education to help them manage/improve their land for the better purpose.  Learn About Your Land series could maybe be offered in the Cities for land owners in our area.  Discussion.


Dave Berard, CNRED Agent, passed out cleansweep results.  Marketing has remained the same over the years, however Berard is thinking of having a year round site of information.  Bassett can’t speak highly enough about this program.   


Berard informed the committee that Angie Wolf has accepted the position with LCO Extension, that backfills Berard’s position while he is District Liaison.  This is a position that is 40% funding of Berards’s position.

Approval of Vouchers

Moved by Paulsen, seconded by Bassett to approve the payment of vouchers.  Motion Carried

Approval of Out-of-County Travel

Moved by Bassett, seconded by Gunderson to approve of Out-of-County Travel.  Motion Carried

Any Other Business



Moved by Thompson, seconded by Bassett to adjourn.  Meeting adjourned at 9:26.


Respectfully submitted by Rebecca Brunner-Stroede, Recorder