Meeting Agendas & Minutes


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Highway Committee Meeting Minutes
June 7, 2004



Draft:   Subject to approval by the Highway Committee


Committee Members Present:      Frank Romnes, Nate Delong, Pat Aderman, Mel Olson, and

                                                  Ron Kinsley

County Personnel Present:           Gary Gedart, and Joanne Nitz

Guests:                                       Lori Perlick


Chairman Nate Delong called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.



1.                   Approve agenda and any additions


Motion by Pat Aderman, second by Ron Kinsley to approve agenda and additions.  Motion carried.



2.                   Approve minutes from May meeting



Motion by Romnes, second by Aderman to approve the minutes from the May 11 & May 27, 2004 meetings.  Motion carried.


3.                   Audience Recognition




4.                   Mosquito Brook Road jurisdictional transfer


Jeff Homuth from the Town of Hayward was present to report that the town did some traffic counts on Mosquito Brook Road with an average of 430 per day.  Gary indicated that the road is classified as a local road.  The committee decided to table pending the Town of Lenroot doing some upgrades.  Gary and Ron Poppe will go out and take a look at the road to see what improvements need to be made.


5.                   Town of Hayward Police fueling at Hayward


The Town of Hayward would like to have the one vehicle that they have on duty fuel up at the Hayward Shop.  Frank Romnes made a motion to approve a trial period of one year, second by Ron Kinsley.  Motion carried.


6.                   Sawyer County Employees Association


Carol Larson was present to discuss some items that need to be addressed with the employees of the Highway Department.  Carol prepared a letter of understanding between Sawyer County and the Employees Association.  The letter is stating that the employees would be paid from the time they leave their respective shop in the morning to report to the job by 6:00 a.m. in exchange for being paid in the winter season from the time they get to their respective shop instead of being paid from the time they are called out.  This would be on a trial basis from July 1, 2004 through February 28, 2005.  The other letter presented was the side letter for the Leadman position with some language changes.  Motion by Pat Aderman, second by Mel Olson to approve the request.  Motion carried.  The request will be referred to the Personnel Committee for approval and then to the County Board.


7.                   2003 Highway Department Financial Statement



Mike Hager was present from Anderson, Hager & Moe to go through the 2003 financial statement.


8.                   Open proposals for bridge inspections


The proposals for bridge inspections were opened and were as follows:


Cedar Corporation          $  5,520.00

SEH               $  8,556.00

Ayres               $  6,900.00

NWBE                $10,342.35


Motion by Frank Romnes, second by Pat Aderman to award the proposal to Cedar Corporation.  Motion carried.


9.                   Open proposals for centerline paint


The proposals for centerline paint were opened and were as follows:


Tapco      $41,988.40

Bergman      $37,094.00


Motion by Ron Kinsley, second by Frank Romnes to award the proposal to Bergman.  Motion carried.


10.               Commissioners report


Gary reported that the crew is doing dirt work on CTH OO, putting culverts in on CTH M & W, and repairing shoulders on CTH K, E and T.  Gary indicated that CTH B would start to be paved on June 8th.  Gary indicated that the county received a Hazard and Safety Grant to do some reconstruction on Gurno Lake Road.  Gary passed out a copy of the organizational chart for the Highway Department and indicated that there needs to be some changes on it in respect to the shop foreman’s role pertaining to supervision.  This will be put on the agenda for the July meeting. Gary indicated that the LCO Police signed their fuel agreement.


11.               Old Business







12.               New Business/discussion only


Nate Delong indicated that there was a request to have the Highway meeting time changed.  This will be put on the July meeting agenda.  Nate indicated that he would like to see items put on the agenda each month so that the committee can get informed as to the Highway’s operation and how maintenance of roads is prioritized along with any other issues that the board would like to see discussed.  Nate indicated that he would like to discuss how complaints regarding Highway issues are handled.  This will be put on the July meeting agenda. 


13.               Out of county travel






14.               Review and approve voucher for May bills


Ron Kinsley questioned the amount being paid to Waste Management for garbage pickup.  Ron indicated that BFI does collect in the Radisson area and it is a lot cheaper.  Gary and Joanne will check into this.  Motion by Frank Romnes to approve the voucher for May bills, second by Pat Aderman.  Motion carried.


15.               Closed Session pursuant to Wisconsin Statutes 19.85 91 (1) (e) for the purpose of

discussing negotiations with the City of Hayward for the payment of expenses of

the reconstruction of County Highway B in the City of Hayward.  The committee may reconvene into open session at the end of the closed session to take action on matters discussed in closed session.


(Minutes of closed session are kept in a confidential file at the office of the Highway Commissioner, and the office of the County Clerk)


16.               City of Hayward payment of expenses for CTH B reconstruction


Motion by Frank Romnes, second by Nate Delong to reconvene into open session.

Motion carried.  The committee would like to see Gary negotiate with the City of Hayward for their project costs for the CTH B construction project.


17.               Adjournment


Motion by Frank Romnes, second by Nate Delong to adjourn at 11:42 a.m.