Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Highway 11/09/2011

Last Updated 11/10/2011 4:51:59 PM

Minutes from November 9, 2011 Highway Committee Meeting
Meeting held at 7:00 PM at the Highway Department

Draft:                Subject to approval by the Highway Committee
Present:                Ron Kinsley, Mel Olson, Kathy McCoy, Ken Maki

Absent:                Dale Schleeter

County Personnel Present:    Gary Gedart and Janeen Abric

Guests:                Dale Olson – Sawyer County Zoning and Conservation Administrator

Ron Kinsley called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

1.    Approve agenda and additions

Motion by McCoy, second by Olson, to approve agenda.  Motion carried.

2.    Approve minutes from October 2011 Highway Committee Meeting.

Motion by Maki, second by Olson, to approve the October 2011 meeting minutes.  Motion carried.

3.    Audience recognition

Dale Olson – Sawyer County Zoning and Conservation Administrator

4.    Mitigation site development

Dale Olson provided the committee a draft of options and estimated costs regarding the Nemitz Wetland Mitigation Bank.  Committee agreed to mitigate and advised to keep the maximum value of land for potential resale (keep the upland SW corner available for a building site in case the county decides to sell in the future).  Gary and Dale will work together to determine the most cost effective alternatives to benefit the county.
5.    Discuss consultant selection for CTH S design

The consultant selection, comprised of Highway Committee members, reviewed the statement of qualifications from each firm. 
Motion by Maki, second by Olson to approve the following ranking, N.W.B.E., SEH and Cedar Corporation.  Motion carried. 

6.    Discuss CTH OO road closure for the 2012 American Birkebeiner

Motion by Maki, second by Olson, to approve the CTH OO road closure on February 25, 2012 from 8:30 am until 2:30 pm for the 2012 American Birkebeiner.  Motion carried.

7.    2012 American Birkiebeiner event request for services

Gary spoke with John McCue, Director of Public Works for the City of Hayward, regarding services provided for the 2011 Birkiebeiner.  The 2012 Birkiebeiner project will be conducted the same as last year.  Highway Department will provide 4 employees and 4 trucks to be paid the regular rate plus any overtime to assist the City of Hayward with placement and removal snow.

Motion by McCoy, second by Olson to approve the requested services to be completed by the Sawyer County Highway Department and invoiced through the City of Hayward.  Motion carried.

8.    Relocation order for CTH T 2012 construction project

Motion by McCoy, second by Maki to approve the relocation order for CTH T and that the commissioner is authorized to sign on the highway order.  Motion carried.
9.    Financial Reports

A draft of the funds balance report was provided for August and September 2011.

Motion by McCoy, second by Kinsley to accept the draft of the August and September 2011 Financial Reports.  Motion carried.

10.    Commissioner’s Report

Crew has completed all projects as scheduled.  Reclamation of Ashegon Pit has been finished.  Gravel has been removed and the black dirt is still being hauled out.  Applications have been received for the part-time truck driver position and will be accepted until December 5, 2011.  The Sawyer County Highway Department will be holding their annual Safety Training Day on November 17, 2011.  Liberty Mutual will conduct this meeting.  SEH is working on the CTH T bridge design.  The committee recommended that the CTH T project take priority this year.  Gary provided an update on workers compensation.  Committee discussed the location of the 12,000 sq ft. Namekagon Transit building.  Gary informed that Ayres was onsite surveying.  Concerns have been raised whether the size of the building would impact Highway Department operations.  Gary spoke with Waste Management regarding purchasing 30 ft. of land to allow for enough room for the building. 

Motion by McCoy, second by Maki, to approve the Commissioner’s report.  Motion carried.

11.    Old Business

Security camera system is being installed and is expected to be completed by November 14, 2011.

12.    Other matters for discussion only

Pre-buying propane and contacting other propane providers for price comparisons.  Setting up auto pay with Waste Management to reduce monthly administrative fees. 

13.    Out of County Travel

Gary to Winter Road School on January 17-19, 2012 in Wisconsin Dells.

Motion by McCoy, second by Kinsley to approve out of county travel for Gary.  Motion carried.

14.    Review and approve October 2011 bills

Motion by McCoy, second by Olson, to approve the October 2011 bills.  Motion carried.

15.    Adjournment

Motion by McCoy, second by Kinsley, to adjourn.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.