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Agriculture and Extension 02/07/2012

Last Updated 2/13/2012 8:59:21 AM

Sawyer County Ag & Extension Committee Minutes

February 7, 2012

8:30 am


Committee Members Present:            Dean Pearson                           Dale Thompson                       Chuck Gunderson

Jim Bassett                               Bruce Paulsen


County Personnel Present:                 Lori Laberee                            Lisa Wydra                  Dave Berard   

                                                            Trinke McNurlin


Others Present:                                  Ron Kubarek                           Linda Zillmer


Chairperson Pearson called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m.


Approval of Agenda

Moved by Paulsen, seconded by Bassett to approve the agenda as presented.  Motion carried.

Approval of Minutes

Moved by Bassett, seconded by Gunderson to approve minutes from the January 10, 2012 meeting.  Motion carried.

Audience Recognition

Linda Zillmer thanked UW-Extension for facilitating the Heart of the Farm Women in Ag Conference.

Resolution commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Cooperative Extension (a division of the University of Wisconsin-Extension)

Moved by Paulsen, seconded by Gunderson to approve the resolution presented and move forward to the full County Board for adoption.  Motion carried.

Sawyer County Ag. Fair Association

Ron Kubarek reported.  Entertainment is secured for 2012 Fair.  A resolution has been reached regarding the transit parking structure and storage facility that will be located in the wooded area off the county fair ground parking area.  Discussion was held regarding how the county fairgrounds may generate income while the Fairgrounds is dormant.  Berard mentioned that Lee Harden, new manager at LCO Casino, is seeking opportunities to partner with community organization.  County Fair Chair Ron Kubarek will contact him regarding future collaboration opportunities.

Agent Report – Dave Berard, CNRED Educator

Dave Berard distributed and reviewed his report summarizing work over the last 6 months.  (Report on file.)  Work was broken down into three areas – Organizational Development, Economic Development and Local Government.

Berard highlighted the Community Foundation that Trinke McNurlin has spearheaded with community partners that is presently in the initial phase. 

Approval of Vouchers

Moved by Gunderson, seconded by Bassett to approve vouchers.  Motion carried.

Approval of Out-of-County Travel

Moved by Thompson, seconded by Gunderson to approve out of county travel.  Motion carried. 

Any Other Business

Bruce Paulsen discussed volunteer income tax preparation at the Senior Center.  McNurlin and Wydra worked to set up a display advertising more services available in the county including UWEX, WNEP and others.  They seek to find other places to promote services for our diverse and most needy population.  Paulsen reported that last year, volunteers helped 700 people prepare their taxes affecting approximately 7200 households in the county. 

McNurlin reported that the 2012 Assistance Guide will be in the Four Seasons this weekend and will reach 7400 households.

Linda Zillmer asked if other committees were consulted on what they would like to see discussed at the GIS presentation in March.  Berard highlighted the presenters coming, who will cover the areas Zillmer mentioned.  More communication will be distributed as the time draw nears and the agenda is finalized. 


Moved by Paulsen, seconded by Thompson to adjourn.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 9:19 a.m.


Respectfully submitted, Rebecca Brunner-Stroede, Recorder