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Economic Development and Planning 07/12/2011

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Economic Development and Planning Committee meeting

Tuesday, July 12, 2011, 1:30 p.m.

Assembly Room – Sawyer County Courthouse


Committee Members Attending: Ken Maki, Warren Johnson, Hal Helwig, Dean Pearson, Tom Duffy, Walt Jaeger

Others Attending: John Saunders, Wendy Schroeder, Terrell Boetcher, Sheldon Johnson, Kris Mayberry, Sally Schrader; Linda Clifford, Scott Allen, Liz Metcalf, David Berard


Meeting called to order by Chairman Maki at 1:35 pm


Meeting agenda – Motion to approve the agenda and to discuss nursery update in two parts by Johnson, seconded by Jaeger, motion carried

Minutes of the meeting of June 7, 2011 Motion by Duffy to approve the June minutes as distributed, second by Johnson, motion carried

Audience recognition - none

Hayward DNR Forestry Tree Nursery Update, part 1 – Maki distributed a press release he had drafted regarding the DNR decision to close the nursery and asked the committee for approval of the release. Motion by Duffy, second by Jaeger, to approve the press release as presented. motion carried

Alternative fuel options for County buildings, status update – Berard identified that the state was contracting with a new company rather than Focus on Energy to run the renewables program. Committee consensus to keep this item on the agenda for further updates

Request for hangar area at Sawyer County Airport – Mayberry reported on request for a hanger and indicated that there is an issue with lack of space in the present airport plan. The company intends to bring a flight department for an industry that could provide positive economic impact to the area but there are concerns about the expansion and space available. Motion by Jaeger, second by Duffy to strongly support the property and airport committee in the expansion of the additional hanger at the airport. motion carried

Indianhead Community Action Agency report, including Community Development Block Grant housing rehabilitation project – Sally Schrader handed out an updated listing of loans. Approximately $100,000 left to be loaned. She expects to have the money loaned by the end of July.

Northwest Regional Planning Commission report – Sheldon Johnson provided an update to the committee on several topics: He provided information regarding public comments made at the previous county board meeting including the Northwest Regional Economic Development program and summary of loans contributed and loans made. He cited a letter regarding Great Lakes Renewable Energy handed out by the public regarding the length of the application process. Johnson handed out a copy of the NWRED application fund and communicated a timeline for the specific project and project application. He referred to a public comment made that NWRPC had $5 million in cash on hand and cited that the majority are restricted funds. Maki asked about the regional economic development corporation. The Wisconsin Business Innovation Corporation (part of NWRPC) received grant funding to establish a new regional economic development corporation. The Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy update was approved by the commission board at the annual meeting in June. Johnson offered assistance from NWRPC as the DNR nursery project moves forward.

Sawyer County Economic Development Corporation report – Scott Allen and Liz Metcalf reported on behalf of the SCDC. They had a productive meeting with LCO Tribal Council regarding economic development. Their application for Intermediate Relending Program approved for $200,000 which will be loaned to businesses at a rate of 4-7%. SCDC was awarded another round of RBEG grant for administration, and have several other grants currently in progress. SCDC has three loan funds currently in operation. They are negotiating with businesses looking to come to the area. SCDC has added a new board member - Theresa Peters. The committee requested that SCDC bring their budget request next month.

Hayward Area Visitor and Convention Bureau report – Wendy Schroeder reported that they are working on internet marketing and getting videos on you tube. It is how people are finding the VCB. Linda Clifford reported that their coupon program is up and running. Clifford also provided website tracking and room tax information as requested last month by the committee. Sara Fischer from department of tourism would like to meet with the economic development committee. Recommendation to add to the September meeting agenda.

Monthly expense vouchers – Stone Lake Lion’s Park Invoice - $5,806 and Capitol Consultants - $4,000 Motion by Johnson, seconded by Jaeger, to approve the vouchers. motion carried

Nursery project continued… - Maki indicated that the DNR would like to hear a proposal regarding a potential partnership/continued venture. Discussion. Motion by Pearson, second by Duffy to continue to investigate possibilities for the nursery. Motion carried.

Other matters for discussion only

  • Duffy asked about the bike map. LCO Transit has agreed to commit some money.
  • Maki commented on the single track trail development.
  • Johnson indicated that sales tax revenues are slightly up from last year.
  • Berard will update employment numbers in the minutes.


Unemployment Rate - May












Sales Tax Revenues through June




Meeting adjourned


Recorded by: David Berard, 7/12/11