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Economic Development and Planning 12/06/2011

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Economic Development and Planning Committee meeting

Tuesday, December 6, 2011, 1:30 p.m.

Assembly Room – Sawyer County Courthouse


County Committee Present: Ken Maki, Warren Johnson, Hal Helwig, Walt Jaeger, Dean Pearson,


Others Attending: Dale Thompson, John Saunders, David Berard, Kris Mayberry, Wendy Schroeder, Dagmar Beckel, Sheldon Johnson, Linda Clifford, Scott Allen, Will LaBreche,


Meeting agenda – Motion to approve the agenda by Johnson, second by Jaeger, motion carried.

Minutes of the meeting of November 8, 2011 – Motion by Johnson, second by Jaeger to approve the minutes of November 8, 2011. Motion carried

Audience recognition - None

Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation – Dagmar Beckel discussed the new Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. Eight of the new directors are from the private sector and 5 are from the public sector. Also they have an expanded budget to work with. WEDC is trying to bring organizations together to work as one across the regions. There are 5 Divisions in WEDC– Economic and Community Development is located in Eau Claire. International Development, Business and Industry Development is a new division working with industries that have high growth potential, Marketing and Public Affairs – budget is increasing from about $20,000 to about 2 million, and Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Maki asked Beckel about possible funding for incubators and funds for the DNR Tree nursery.

Hayward DNR Forestry Nursery – Maki summarized the nursery project. They haven’t made contact with the DNR since the last meeting and Johnson and Maki are developing some local strategies.

Alternative fuel options for County buildings – Not moving forward right now due to low natural gas prices, there is a boiler that is available. The brew pub on B has a large capacity boiler that would fit nicely at the jail. They are asking $40,000 - $50,000 for the system. Remove from the agenda for next month.

Development of policy for expenditures from Environmental Impact Fund – Dale Thompson provided the committee with a proposal and discussion points (on file). Discussion on developing a $5,000 grant provided 4 or 5 times a year that would help fund local projects and help all areas of the county. Discussion on the current guidelines. Thompson will continue to develop a proposal/application to recommend $25,000 per year to be made available for projects and bring it back to the committee next month.

Indianhead Community Action Agency report, including Community Development Block Grant housing rehabilitation project – No representative from Indianhead. Johnson said that they had the received the Extension and have approved several projects since including a tribal application.

Northwest Regional Planning Commission report – Sheldon Johnson reported on the NWRPC. NWRPC’s semi-annual meeting is being held tomorrow. A $60,000 loan in Sawyer County was approved from their loan fund and one in Clam Lake for the store. They have launched a new website today including info about the planning commission and overall economic development.

Sawyer County Economic Development Corporation report – Scott Allen reported on the SCDC. Allen left SCDC in August and took a position with the LCO Tribe. When the county cut funding to the SCDC LCO stepped forward to fund the SCDC and Allen will be doing work for the Tribe and SCDC. The continue working with local businesses both Tribal and non-Tribal. Allen indicated that employee who cited compensation concerns had been paid in full. Also he is working on an initiative with another funding source that could bring even more funding to the SCDC. Johnson asked about the $200,000 Intermediary Relending Program funds. Allen is working to secure additional match for the program. SCDC is working with another large employer looking to relocate to the County. Maki asked about re-instituting a program again like the past economic development speaker program at Flat Creek.

Hayward Area Visitor and Convention Bureau report – Linda Clifford provided a report for the VCB – They just wrapped up visitor and vacation guide. They will be appearing at the LaCrosse sports show instead of Rosemount. Clifford shared statistics on how people are accessing their website. The VCB recently held their annual meeting, and the officers remained the same. Secretary Klett came to the last tourism meeting and also participated on an ATV ride and saw the lure of the lights. Maki asked about lure of the lights. Clifford indicated they are privately funded with some business, chamber, and other dollars.

Monthly expense vouchers -  none

Other matters for discussion only

Berard shared sales tax data and unemployment numbers. While unemployment declined in October for the state and nation, Sawyer County saw a rise of .5 percent compared to October 2010.

















*Not seasonally adjusted




County sales tax revenues through November declined by 1.7% from 2010 levels.


Sales Tax Year through Nov                     2011                           2010

                                                            $1,234,974                $1,256,292


Next month’s meeting on Jan 10 – Place VCB, SCDC, and NWRPC at beginning of the agenda.


Motion by Johnson, seconded by Jaeger to adjourn, motion carried