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Economic Development and Planning 08/09/2011

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August 9, 2011



Economic Development and Planning Committee meeting

Tuesday, August 9, 2011, 1:30 p.m.

Assembly Room – Sawyer County Courthouse


Committee Members Attending: Warren Johnson, Ken Maki, Walt Jaeger, Hal Helwig, Dean Pearson


Others Attending: Gary Gedart, John Saunders, Linda Zillmer, David Berard, Wendy Schroeder, Liz Metcalf, Linda Clifford, Sheldon Johnson, Sally Schrader, Cheryl Treland, Phil Nies


Meeting called to order by Maki at 1:30 pm


Meeting agenda – Motion by Johnson, second by Jaeger to approve the agenda with item nine (VCB Report) moved up to item 4. Motion carried

Minutes of the meeting of July 12, 2011 – Motion by Jaeger, second by Pearson to approve the minutes of July 12 with inclusion in the SCDC report SCDC collaborating with Bad River, Red Cliff, LCO and Sawyer, Bayfield, and Ashland counties to develop a regional development corporation called Opportunity North.  Motion Carried.

Audience recognition – John Saunders asked about budget requests and that he had brought the Lions Park Improvement project before the committee and indicated that they would need additional funds. Saunders would like to request $10,000 for the project. Committee requested that Saunders come back with a plan next month.

Hayward Area Visitor and Convention Bureau report including 2012 budget request – Linda Clifford provided an informational packet and budget request for 2012. The VCB budget request was for the same as last year ($45,000). Cheryl Treland, VCB President, summarized the budget packet. Motion by Pearson, seconded by Jaeger to recommend to finance that the county budget $45,000 for the VCB. Motion carried.

Hayward DNR Forestry Tree Nursery Update – Warren Johnson and Ken Maki are gathering information on the costs to set up a nursery and have researched information regarding what it took to set up in Red Lake, MN. Maki and Johnson are going to meet with LCO representatives to invite a representative from LCO to visit Red Lake with them.

Alternative fuel options for County buildings, status update – Maki discussed possible opportunity to buy a pellet boiler from a local business.

Indianhead Community Action Agency report, including Community Development Block Grant housing rehabilitation project and 2012 budget request – Sally Schrader reported on the CDBG program. Schrader provided a listing of current loans. There is difficulty with the state not approving applications on tribal lands even though they are approved by the federal government. Discussions are ongoing. Warren Johnson requested that the per diems for the committee members that are serving on the board be funded ($1,800). Motion by Jaeger, second by Pearson, to recommend to finance that the per diems be included in the budget. Motion carried.

Northwest Regional Planning Commission report – Sheldon Johnson reported on behalf of the planning corporation. John Stroschine has met with a couple of Sawyer County businesses in the past month regarding capitalization. There is approximately $1,800,494 currently available in the NWRED fund available for loans. Rusk County has received the federal award for the All Hazards Mitigation Plan that includes Sawyer County. The Sawyer cleansweep events were recently held. About 8225 lbs of chemicals collected at events. Over $2,000 lbs of paint, 609 flourescent bulbs. 334 lbs of pcb’s collected. 78 lbs of pills. Berard indicated that the sheriffs deputy indicated about ¾ of a million dollars street value of narcotics were removed from the county.

Sawyer County Economic Development Corporation report including 2012 budget request – Liz Metcalf reported on behalf of SCDC. SCDC provided and summarized an informational packet including the budget request for 2012 of $45,000(on file). Metcalf highlighted grants obtained and use of the Sawyer County funding for match on grants. SCDC operations have gone down based on the county’s reduced financial commitment from last year. They are involved in Opportunity North and working with the LCO Tribe on that project. SCDC intends to request funds from the LCO Tribe as well. Discussion, recommendation for SCDC to include a pro-forma showing funding projections for the future and accomplishments for the past three years. Motion by Jaeger to recommend approval to finance of $45,000 subject to receipt of a proforma and summary of accomplishments for the last 3 years. Second by Johnson . Motion carried.

Monthly expense vouchers - None

Other matters for discussion only


Wendy Schroeder, Pamida building has been leased and will employ approximately 40 people.


John Saunders, People that come up here stop at a cheese stores on their way and wondered why there isn’t a cheese factory and dairy in Hayward.


Berard updated on the unemployment rates and sales tax.


Unemployment Rates June*















Sales Tax YTD through July 







*Not seasonally adjusted                       


Motion by Jaeger, second by Johnson to adjourn.