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Economic Development and Planning 06/07/2011

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Economic Development and Planning Committee meeting

Tuesday, June 7, 2011, 1:30 p.m.

Assembly Room – Sawyer County Courthouse



Committee Attending: Tom Duffy, Dean Pearson, Warren Johnson


Others Attending: Linda Zillmer, John Saunders, David Berard, Linda Clifford, John Stroschine.


Meeting called to order at 1:30 pm by Vice Chairman Duffy


Approval of Agenda – Motion by Johnson, second by Pearson to approve the agenda. Motion carried

Minutes of the meeting of May 10, 2011 – Motion by Pearson, second by Duffy to approve the minutes of May 10, 2011. Motion carried

Audience recognition – Linda Zillmer followed up previous comments regarding Stone Lake. Zillmer is disappointed that she hasn’t seen more action from elected officials regarding the  Stone Lake school.  She asks that requests that could be funded through other means not be granted from the economic development committee (such as the bicycle map or stone lake lions park) not be funded until there are some economic development priorities established.

John Saunders noted that the Festival of Trails was a successful event and brought a number of people into the community. 149 participants were visitors to the area.

Hayward DNR Forestry Tree Nursery Update – Warren Johnson reported that they are still trying to set up another meeting in Madison. There is still not a decision made. Committee direction to keep on the agenda for next month.

Alternative fuel options for County buildings, status update – Berard provided an update on data collected from meetings with Great Lakes Renewable and Sawyer County Forestry (on file). Summary is that using county forest products for fuel could be feasible. Written report on file. Committee consensus to keep working on the issue.

Regional Bicycle Trails Map 2nd Edition – John Saunders shared a copy of the Sawyer County Bicycle Map with the committee. A second edition is needed, the original printing of 5,000 have been distributed. (Proposal on file). Cost for 7500 maps would be $2100. Saunders is requesting $1,100 from Sawyer County. Motion by Pearson to provide the funding for the requested maps. Discussion regarding new county policy for impact funds. Motion withdrawn.

Stone Lake Lions Park – Update - John Saunders provided an update and progress report on the Stone Lake Lions Park improvement project (on file). Project timeline was extended due to some delays in the development and funding.  

Indianhead Community Action Agency report, including Community Development Block Grant housing rehabilitation project- Sally Schrader provided a report on behalf of the Sawyer County Housing Community Development Block Grant program. They still are doing some marketing and taking in applications. Approximately $150,000 is left in the program and there are some applications pending approval and inspection. Geographically loans are spread throughout the county.

Northwest Regional Planning Commission report – John Stroschine reported that a multi-county all hazards mitigation plan has verbal approval. Anticipated project awards will be made in July. The staff continues to monitor state budget recommendations for cleansweep and recycling responsible units. Congressman Duffy toured the enterprise centers in Spooner and met with staff. Staff responded to questions regarding local govt issues and lenders on potential business projects. Currently there are 6 active loans from the revolving loan fund in Sawyer County carrying a $275,000 current loan balance. No current loan applications are pending.

Sawyer County Economic Development Corporation report – No Report

Hayward Area Visitor and Convention Bureau report – Linda Clifford reported on behalf of the VCB. They are gearing up for the summer season and working to get information updated online. They are working on the extranet with Dept. of Tourism. They are also working on next year’s vacation guides. They may cut down on the number of vacation guides from 100,000 to 80,000. Clifford will bring copy of what people are interested in via web hits for the committee to review next month.

Monthly expense vouchers - none

Other matters for discussion only – Berard shared economic data for May.

















Not seasonally adjusted



                                                                        2010               2011

Sales Tax Revenues through May   $427,139       $426,391


Stroschine reported that NWRPC is using the paser system to evaluate road conditions.


Motion to adjourn by Johnson, seconded by Pearson, meeting adjourned.



Recorded by David Berard, June 7, 2011