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Economic Development and Planning 05/08/2012

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Economic Development and Planning Committee meeting

Tuesday, May 8, 2012, 1:30 p.m.

Assembly Room – Sawyer County Courthouse


Committee Attending: Dale Thompson, Warren Johnson, Bill Voight, Tom Duffy, Dean Pearson, Hal Helwig


Others Attending: John Saunders, Linda Zillmer, Sheldon Johnson, Linda Clifford, Kris Mayberry, David Berard


Meeting called to order by Tom Duffy at 1:30 pm.


Election of Committee officers – Election of Chairman - Nomination by Pearson for Warren Johnson – Johnson declined the nomination. Nomination by Johnson for Duffy. Motion by Johnson to close the nominations and cast a unanimous ballot for Duffy, second by Pearson, motion carried. Election of Vice Chairman - Nomination by Pearson for Johnson, Johnson declined the nomination. Nomination by Johnson for Bill Voight. Motion by Thompson to close nominations and cast a unanimous ballot for Voight, second by Johnson – Motion carried

Committee meeting dates and times – Consensus to continue with existing date.

Meeting agenda – Motion to approve the agenda by Johnson, second by Thompson, motion carried

Minutes of the meeting of April 10, 2012 – Motion by Thompson to approve the minutes as presented, second by Pearson, motion carried

Audience recognition - None

Indianhead Community Action Agency report, including Community Development Block Grant housing rehabilitation project – Mayberry indicated that next month Carolyn Martin would have a final report on the housing loan project.

Northwest Regional Planning Commission report, including collaborative housing grant application – Sheldon Johnson reported on behalf of NWRPC. John Stroschine has met with a business regarding the revolving loan fund. A little more than 1 million dollars are currently available in the NWRED fund. Sheldon Johnson will provide a packet of information updating the committee at a future time. Will also provide audit information when available. The Visions northwest group will have their first meeting on May 31. Wendy Schroeder is the Sawyer County representative. The Community Development Housing Collaboration is underway. Johnson provided the committee with a copy of the resolution for joint participation in the CDBG consortium. The state will now be providing funds to consortiums instead of individual counties. Douglas County has volunteered to be the lead county in the consortium. The timeline for applications has been pushed back to October. Motion by Thompson, second by Johnson to recommend approval of the resolution to county board. Motion carried.

Hayward Lakes Visitor and Convention Bureau report – Linda Clifford reported on behalf of the Visitor and Convention Bureau.  - In-depth outdoors TV and Big Fish 365 TV will be here filming. The VCB is Doing a spring TV campaign and will do a giveaway package in Duluth for July. They have formed a committee to look at trade shows and the visitor center promotion. Muskies Inc. had a 4 page spread on youth fishing and a bear hunting spread was done in the Radisson area. The VCB put in a bid for the governor’s opener for next season.

Development of policy for expenditures from Environmental Impact Fund (Handled along with committee purpose and roles) – The economic development and planning committee was given the responsibility to develop parameters, application for grants, and promotion. Bruce Paulsen had a rough draft in mind. Berard will work with Johnson, Thompson, and Paulsen to develop a draft application by next month.

Hayward DNR Forestry Nursery – Kris Mayberry provided the response that the DNR provided to the County’s funding request. Ken Maki offered to follow up on continuing to pursue an industrial incubator. Helwig shared some info on the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation meeting last Friday and some discussion on having some meetings to brainstorm possibilities and ideas for the property development. Berard shared a discussion with Linda Grahm regarding some of her ideas related to community supported agriculture/tourism/farmers markets. Keep on the agenda for further discussion.

Committee purpose and roles – Berard shared the purpose approved by the county government in 2008. The committee will review the purpose for discussion next month.

Monthly expense vouchers - None

Other matters for discussion only

-       Berard shared the unemployment and sales tax data

Sales Tax through April              2011               2012

                                                         $353,441    $352, 523         
















* Not seasonally adjusted



-       John Saunders – asked for Bike Trail update at next month’s meeting. Saunders also asked about the environmental impact fund application and that as a past grant recipient they should report out on the progress of those activities. Saunders will report out on the Stone Lake Park next month. Improvements are expected to be completed by July 4.


Motion by Johnson, seconded by Thompson to adjourn. Meeting adjourned