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Economic Development and Planning 06/12/2012

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Economic Development and Planning Committee meeting

Tuesday, June 12, 1:30 p.m.

Assembly Room – Sawyer County Courthouse


Committee Members Present: Tom Duffy, Dean Pearson, Bill Voight, Warren Johnson, Dale Thompson, Hal Helwig


Others: Gary Gedart, John Saunders, Linda Zillmer, David Berard, Carolyn Martin, Kris Mayberry


Meeting agenda – Meeting agenda approved by consensus - Bill Voight will share update from his attendance at LCO/Sawyer County Development Corporation under other business for discussion only.

Minutes of the meeting of May 8, 2012 – Motion by Johnson to approve the minutes of May 8, 2012, second by Thompson, motion carried

Audience recognition - none

Indianhead Community Action Agency report, including Community Development Block Grant housing rehabilitation project status report: Carolyn Martin shared the close out report numbers for the CDBG report (on file). Final closeout report will be filed within a couple of months and are waiting for the extended contract and annual reports will be filed by Indianhead. Contract was for  $650,000 Ordered: Rehabilitation $510,420.56, Administration – 44,727.00, Estimated additional orders $65,675.76. Remaining balance $30,176.68.

Northwest Regional Planning Commission report, including annual contract renewal – Rick Roeser presented on behalf of NWRPC. Roeser did a presentation on Business Incubation.  Expressed that incubator is market driven and dependent on need, also that it requires local community support. Motion by Johnson, second by Thompson that we remain with NWRPC for 2013.

Hayward Area Visitor and Convention Bureau report – No report

Sawyer County Bicycle Pedestrian Trail project – Gary Gedart shared preliminary plans that were received from the consultant. The consultant is working with power relocation at Lumberjack Bowl, and some bleacher relocation. Consultants will be working this summer with right away acquisition. Key areas are within the city of Hayward around Lumberjack Bowl and from Chippewa Trail to County K. Saunders provided updated bicycle trail maps.

Stone Lake Lions Park project – John Saunders provided an update of the Lions Park (report on file) Project partially funded through ATC funds. Cranberry Fest has purchased the school facility.

Development of policy and application process for expenditures from Environmental Impact Fund – The committee reviewed the draft application and press release developed by Dale Thompson, Warren Johnson, Bruce Paulsen, and David Berard. Recommendations: Leave “annually” in the application, add grant maximum of $5,000 or up to 50% of project costs, remove the scoring criteria, and clarify that the projects not on Sawyer County property are not excluded from the awards. - Motion by Thompson to approve the application with changes for sending it on to county board for review,second by Pearson, motion carried.

Hayward DNR Forestry Nursery – Several parties are still exploring the issues. Possibility for agricultural or other use.  Fact finding will continue and will remain on future agendas.


Chairman Duffy stepped out at 2:45, Vice Chairman Voight stepped in as chair.


Committee purpose and roles – Motion by Pearson, second by Thompson, to approve keeping the purpose the same as was approved by the county board in July 2008. Motion carried.

Monthly expense vouchers - None

Other matters for discussion only

a.    Voight updated the committee on his attendance of at the SCDC meetings and their current project status.

b.    Berard updated the committee on unemployment and sales tax numbers.

c.    Rick Roeser highlighted the Household Hazardous Waste events coming up in July.

d.    Linda Zillmer asked about coverage with the job center closing. Coverage from Spooner at WITC a couple days a week and WITC offices available on a daily basis.


Motion to adjourn by Johnson, second by Pearson, motion carried.