Meeting Agendas & Minutes

County Board 08/30/2012

Last Updated 10/4/2012 8:16:14 PM

minutes of the meeting of the Sawyer County Board of Supervisors

Thursday, August 30, 2012, 6:00 p.m., Assembly Room, Sawyer County Courthouse


County Board Chair Hal Helwig called the meeting of the Sawyer County Board of Supervisors to order.  Roll call was as follows (x indicates present):


district - supervisor - T = Town, V = Village, C = City, W = Ward


01 - Dale Schleeter – T Lenroot W 1, T Hayward W 7, C Hayward W 5 and 6


02 - Kathy McCoy – T Lenroot W 2, T Round Lake W 1


03 - Tweed Shuman – T Hayward W 1 and 2


04 - Walter Jaeger – T Hayward W 3 and 4


05 - Fred Zietlow – T Hayward W 5 and 6


06 - Dean Pearson – C Hayward W 1 and 2


07 - Thomas W. Duffy – C Hayward W 3 and 4


08 - Bruce Paulsen – T Bass Lake W 1 and 2


09 - Charles Gundersen – T Bass Lake W 3 and 4


10 - Hal Helwig – T Sand Lake, T Edgewater W 1


11 - Jim Bassett – T Edgewater W 2, T Bass Lake W 5, T Hayward W 8, T Meteor, T Couderay, V Couderay


12 - William Voight – T Spider Lake, T Round Lake W 2, T Winter W 1


13 - Ron Kinsley – T Hunter, T Radisson W 1, T Ojibwa W 1, V Radisson


14 - Dale Thompson – T Radisson W 2, T Ojibwa W 2, T Weirgor, V Exeland, T Meadowbrook


15 - Warren Johnson – T Winter W 2, T Draper, V Winter


The agenda for the meeting was presented as follows:  Meeting agenda; Discussion of strategic planning vs. organizational planning, including creating a positive organizational climate for change; List of discussion topics for changes, including prioritization list of issues and topics; LCO and Sawyer County Transit fiscal options and responsibilities discussion; Accounting department proposal discussion; Discuss next steps for this committee and process.


University of Wisconsin-Extension Community Resource Development Educator Dave Berard presented information and led a discussion concerning the difference between strategic planning and organizational planning.  Mr. Berard and Human Resource Manager Michelle Jepson presented a list of topics for discussion provided by County Board members and asked for a show of hands for each item to determine the priority for discussion.  The list and indication of priority follows:


List of topics provided by County Board Members:

-       Accounting Department – 5

-       LCO/Sawyer County Transit Fiscal Operations – 1

-       Re-organization of the committee structure and committee of jurisdiction for departments – 3

-       Merging Zoning and Conservation with Land Records and Surveyor Departments - 3

-       Establishing a robust personnel “management” system that includes current job descriptions, performance reviews, employee development and merit pay/pay for performance (department heads and managers) -3

-       County Administrator added to the Administrative Coordinator

-       Administrator Coordinator – possible implementation and a transition schedule for a full-time position - 7

-       Staff development and leadership – people provide the government services and if morale is low and leadership/communication/teamwork isn’t expected or encourages we won’t be effective in serving the public - 4

-       Maintenance Department Budget – changes on how it is done between departments - 1

-       Mechanic area of the Maintenance department moved to highway department maintenance/mechanic area - 1

-       Look at other departments to combine in order to improve efficiencies, effectiveness, etc. - 0

-       Satellite office for Health and Human Service in the Winter area – 0

-       Look at how to lower the unemployment rate in Sawyer County to a more acceptable level.  It would seem collaboration between the people of Sawyer County and the Tribe could improve this process. - 0

-       Move towards policy governance – 1


Reasons to do the above items:

-       Save Money

-       Efficiency

-       Improve Morale

-       Pay for Performance

-       Effectiveness

-       Ready for the future

-       Take advantage of Act 10/32 Repair Bill

-       Reducing Redundancy


The Board determined that County Board Chair Hal Helwig will appoint a committee to review and address the topics listed above, and to report their findings and recommendations to the full County Board for further discussion, review, and determinations.


The Board discussed options for the fiscal responsibilities for the Namekagon Transit following the determination of the Sawyer County Board of Supervisors to move those responsibilities out of the Sawyer County Health and Human Services Department.  Human Resource Manager Michelle Jepson reported that she met with Sawyer County Health and Human Services Department Financial Manager Patty Dujardin and with Namekagon Transit Manager Karen Melasseca and representatives of the Sawyer County Clerk’s Office.  Ms. Jepson presented a report and recommendation for a transition to having the Sawyer County Clerk’s Office perform fiscal functions for the Namekagon Transit with more involvement from the Namekagon Transit Manager.


Finance Committee member Bruce Paulsen presented his proposal to establish a County accounting department to consolidate all of the County’s accounting, except for the Department of Health and Human Services and the Highway Department.







minutes prepared by Sawyer County Clerk Kris Mayberry