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Courthouse 10/09/2012

Last Updated 10/23/2012 7:36:05 PM

DRAFT - minutes of the meeting of the Courthouse Committee

Sawyer County Board of Supervisors

October 9, 2012, 6:30 p.m., Assembly Room, Sawyer County Courthouse


members present:  Dale Schleeter (Chair), Ron Kinsley, Bill Voight


also present:  Information Technology Department Director Mike Coleson, Circuit Court Clerk Anne Marie Danielson, Circuit Court Judge Gerald Wright, Child Support Department Director Sandy Okamoto, County Clerk Kris Mayberry


Motion by Kinsley, 2nd by Voight, to approve the meeting agenda as presented.  Motion carried. 


Motion by Voight, 2nd by Schleeter, to approve the September 11, 2012 meeting minutes.  Motion carried.


The Committee reviewed a proposed 2013 consulting agreement with KD Consulting for services to be provided as follows:  Health and Human Services expense spreadsheets, County Treasurers checks program, County Treasurers land inventory program, Treasurers lottery credit export to state, Real Property Listers statement of assessment, Real Property Listers Novus export, County Treasurers electronic tax settlement submission program, County and municipal pet licensing programs, and any other support requested.  Motion by Kinsley, 2nd by Voight, to recommend County Board approval of the agreement.  Motion carried.


Circuit Court Clerk Anne Marie Danielson:

·        Presented a department report, including a report on passport applications processed and collections of interest, tax intercept funds, attorney fees, guardian ad litem fees, and bail forfeitures.

·        Advised the Committee that the Clerk of Court’s Office will begin having a collection agency pursue some of the uncollected fines and fees of the Clerk of Court’s Office on November 7, 2013.

·        Reported that the Register in Probate’s Office will be moved from its current location to for former Judge’s Secretary Office adjacent to the Clerk of Court’s Office for efficiency since the Clerk of Court’s Office will be performing the functions of the Register in Probate.

·        Requested and the Committee approved her reimbursed for travel expenses in using her own vehicle for travel to a conference as she departed to the conference from a location other than Sawyer County.


County Clerk Kris Mayberry reviewed with the Committee adjustments made to the 2013 budgets of departments overseen by the Courthouse Committee by the Finance Committee in developing the 2013 Sawyer County Budget.  The adjustments were made to comply with State of Wisconsin limits on county real property tax levies.


Child Support Department Director Sandy Okamoto presented a department report, including a proposed ordinance to establish client fees for unfunded services required by the Child Support program contract.  The Committee will review the proposed ordinance and consider whether to recommend County Board adoption of the ordinance at their meeting in November.


Information Technology Department Director Mike Coleson presented a department report, including that he continues to negotiate with New World Systems the terms of their software system maintenance agreement with Sawyer County for 2013.  Mr. Coleson takes the position that the 9% increase in New World’s charges included in the proposed agreement may be excessive.


The Committee reviewed a written Land Records Department report prepared by Land Records Department Director Robyn Thake, including a report of the documents processed by the Real Property Lister; that 18 of the 21 municipalities have filed their annual statement of assessments; that the real estate management system programmer for the Novus software system programmed a sorter in the property address screen allowing the selection of a site address to be printed on a tax bill; a work report for Geographic Information Specialist Brian DeVries; that 8 property address signs were installed and 17 property addresses assigned during the month of September; that Point North Mapping has completed mapping Township 40 North, Range 6 West; and a request for approval for GIS Specialist Brian DeVries to attend an ESRI Wisconsin users group conference to be held October 25-26, 2012, in Appleton, Wisconsin.


The Committee reviewed a written County Surveyor Department report for August and September of 2012 prepared by County Surveyor Dan Ploeger.


The Committee reviewed the monthly department expense vouchers.


Motion by Kinsley, 2nd by Voight, to approve the department reports and expense vouchers and the request for out-of-County travel for GIS Specialist Brian DeVries.  Motion carried.


County Clerk Kris Mayberry reported on insurance, risk management, and liability claims involving Sawyer County.


Motion by Kinsley, 2nd by Voight, to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried.



minutes prepared by County Clerk Kris Mayberry