Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Land, Water and Forestry Resources 02/11/2015

Last Updated 3/12/2015 1:11:58 PM

Minutes of the meeting of the Sawyer County Land, Water and Forestry Resources Committee

Sawyer County Board of Supervisors

February 11, 2015; Assembly Room; Sawyer County Courthouse


Committee Members Present:  Jim Bassett, Fred Zietlow, Dean Pearson, Brian Bisonette, Bruce Paulsen, Hal Helwig, Thomas Winiarczyk                                                

County Personnel Present:  Greg Peterson, Dale Olson, Dan Pleoger, Gary Gedart, Melissa Roach, Cindy Yackley, Kris Mayberry

NRCS Personnel Present:  None 

DNR Personnel Present:  Larry Glodoski

LCO Personnel Present:  Dan Tyrolt

Others Present:  Don Mrotek, Jan Holmes, Bill Noonan, Dick Dewhurst, Tyler Treland, Tatum Treland, Cheryl Treland, Dennis Aaron, Ruth Aaron, Lori DeJoode, Douglas Kurtzweil, Linda Zillmer, Kris Treland-Neuman, Diane Collins, Michele Horman, Laurie Simon, Denny Reyes, Jane Schroeder, Jody Johnson, Renee Conway, Terry Conway, John Welter, Nels Beckman, Amanda Wilson, William Fetzner, Sandra Borkenhagen, Bill O’Brien, Phillip Johnson, Phil Nies, Jill Robinson, Randy Eytcheson, Sheila Terry, Kathy Robinson, Terry Ringe, Barb Czarneski, Frank Zufall, Peter Czarnecki, Brian Hucker


Meeting called to order at 8:30 AM.


Olson introduced Tom Winiarczyk as the representative from the Farm Bureau.


Approve agenda

Motion by Pearson, second by Zietlow to approve agenda moving item 08 (c) after 5(a).  Motion carried. 


Approve minutes

Motion by Zietlow, second by Bassett to approve the January 7, 2015 minutes.  Motion carried.


Audience recognition



Event Dates

Motion by Zietlow, second by Pearson to approve request for Borah Epic scheduled for May 3, 2015 (certificate of insurance has been received).  Motion carried.


Zoning/Conservation Department

(c) Draft of proposed Zoning ordinance amendments – Copies of the five proposed amendments were distributed to the committee (copy on file with minutes):


1) Section 2.0 – Definitions:  Domestic animal; farm/agricultural animal and livestock; Park Models;

2) Section 4.26 – Accessory Uses and Structures;

3) Section 6.7 – Placement of Major Recreational Equipment/Vehicles – Camping – Town options

4) Section 17.4 – Agricultural One Zone District and Section 17.5 – Agricultural Two Zone District

5) Section 27 – Sawyer County Non-Metallic Mining Ordinance  Fees  


Each proposed change was highlighted in red.  Olson reviewed each amendment proposed and asked for approval to move forward to send the proposals to the towns.  Discussion was held on Section 4.26 (Accessory Uses and Structures).  Motion by Paulsen, second by Pearson to approve language highlighted in red.  Motion carried.  Several people spoke regarding the Park Model definitions and it was determined that an ad hoc committee would be formed comprising persons from various organizations, to develop a definition and/or guidelines for park models.  Motion by Paulsen, second by Bassett to approve the draft language of the remaining amendments and to forward all five proposals (except Park Models) to the towns for their review and decision.  Motion carried.


Land Records and County Surveyor Department

a) County work report:  Written report handed out (on file with minutes).  Surveying is picking up.  b) Landowner issue concerning County Highway W and right-of-way:  Pleoger stated that paperwork shows 40’ ROW.  This item will be on the Public Works Committee agenda tonight.  c) Out-of-County travel – 2/17-20/15 WLIA – motion by Pearson, second by Paulsen to approve.  Motion carried. 




Sawyer County Forestry Department

(a) Emergency Fire Warden list approval – Motion by Pearson, second by Bassett to approve list as presented.  Motion carried.  (b)  Out-of-County travel – 2/24/15, Minocqua – statewide DNR Liaison/County Administrator meeting – Motion by Paulsen, second by Pearson to approve.  Motion carried.  (c) Sawyer County Forest 2014 Accomplishment Report – Motion by Paulsen, second by Pearson to approve report and forward to County Board for approval.  Motion carried.

(d) Recreational trails reports:  Mrotek reported:  1) Met with Roy Zubrod regarding grant projects; 2) Met with Lenroot town board regarding moving trails off township roads; 3) The Hayward Visitor and Convention Bureau and AWSC hosted sports show at Casino.  A trail ride was held on Monday along with a banquet; 4) Trails will be busy this coming weekend.

e) County work report (on file with minutes).  DNR forestry report:  Glodoski reported that there is a Liaison Forester vacancy for Sawyer County as Johnson has accepted a position at Brule.  There will be a delay in hiring due to State Budget.  Glodoski stated that the County should be real impressed by the accomplishments of the County Forestry Department, not just with the numbers generated.


Sawyer County Zoning/Conservation Department

a) County work report (on file with minutes).  b) Request for part-time position – Olson stated that a grant has been received that will cover part of P. Browns position (Invasive Species) and would cover a 17.5 hour staff position.  Motion by Zietlow, second by Pearson to put on Administrative Committee agenda and to post internally.  Motion carried.  d) Out-of-County travel – 3/9-11/15 to Appleton to the WLWCA.  Motion by Zietlow, second by Bassett to approve.  Motion carried.


NRCS Business


LCO Business

Tyrolt reported that he is the new director of the LCO Conservation Department.  The flowage is being monitored, so far OK.  Water Quality standards – EPA, final draft should be ready next week.


Review and Approve Monthly Vouchers Report

Motion by Zietlow, second by Bassett to approve the monthly vouchers report.  Motion carried.


Other matters for discussion only

Dewhurst asked about portions of the State Budget.  Helwig stated that the WCA is looking into several items.


Closed Session

Motion by Paulsen, second by Zietlow at 10:50 AM to go into Closed Session pursuant to sections 19.85(1)(e) and (g), Wisconsin Statutes, for an update and discussion of potential litigation and negotiations involving that particular litigation.  Motion carried.  Motion by Paulson, second by Zietlow at 11:20 AM to re-convene into Open Session.  Motion carried.



Motion by Bassett, second by Zietlow to adjourn meeting.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 11:22 AM.


Delores Dobilas, Recorder