Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Land, Water, and Forest Resources 10/12/2016

Last Updated 10/21/2016 9:31:56 AM

Committee Members Present:

Bruce Paulson, Brian Bisonette, Elaine Nyberg, Ron Buckholtz, James Bassett

County Personnel Present:

Tom Hoff, Dale Olson, Greg Peterson, Dianne Ince, Carol Williamson, Kimberly Wendt, Dan Pleoger,

 Jessica Kujala

Also Present:

Dick Dewhurst, Linda Zillmer, Phil Nies, Dan Tyrolt, John Welter, Don Mrotek, Joan Ceruenka, Roy Zubrod,

Jeremy Murdock, Kaite Sly, Jan Holmes


Call to Order- Bruce Paulson Calls meeting to order at 8:30 AM, Paulson states that due to improper public notice agenda items 9A, 10A, and 11A will not be discussed at this meeting.  Instead items 9A and 10A will be moved to the Administration meeting without recommendation from this committee, and item 11A will be moved to next month’s agenda as a public hearing may be necessary.


Approve Agenda- Motion by Buckholtz, 2nd by Bisonette, to approve the revised agenda. Motion carried


Approve Minutes- Motion by Buckholtz, 2nd by Bisonette, to approve the minutes of the September 7th meeting. Motion carried


2016 Sawyer County Land Sale- (See packet for Land Sale information) Kimberly Wendt of the Land records department gives a short presentation on the land sale parcels.  The department has been working on putting together an online program where the public can view the different parcels for sale and filter different features of the parcels.  Buckholtz makes motion to approve land sale, 2nd by Bisonette, motion carried


Register of Deeds Department (None)


Land Records and County Surveyor Department

LiDAR- (Sent to Administration meeting)

County Report - (See Packet for Report)


Sawyer County Forestry Department

Bid Approval for ATV Trail 8 Development- (Sent to Administration meeting)

County Report- (See packet for Forestry Report)

Recreational Trails Report (Nothing to report)

County and DNR forestry Reports (Nothing to report)


Zoning/Conservation Department

Land Water, Resources management plan- (Moved to next month’s meeting)

Economic Values of Water Quality- (Information only, See packet for handout)

County Report (See Packet for Report)

LCO- Dan Tyrolt gives reports on what is currently being worked on, and studies that are being done on the high rates of white fish kills on LCO Lake.



Adjourned - Motion by buckholtz, 2nd by Bassett, to adjourn. Motion carried


Minutes prepared by Forestry Secretary Jessica Kujala