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Health and Human Services 01/10/2017

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**Draft Copy**


January 10, 2017

Original to be filed with Sawyer County Clerk, Carol Williamson


Committee Meetings of Sawyer County

COMMITTEE: Health & Human Services                                                                                                    DATE: January 10, 2017

PLACE: Sawyer County Court House                                                                                                           CALLED TO ORDER: 6:30 P.M.


Committee Members in Attendance:

Kathy McCoy, Norma Ross, Tweed Shuman, James Schlender, Iras Humphreys (arrived at 6:35 P.M.), Dale Schleeter.


Staff Members in Attendance:

Paul Grahovac, Patty Dujardin, Tom Hoff, Joe Bodo, Alicia Carlson, Dave Bauer, Eileen Simak, Lauri Perlick, Judge Yackel, Cindy Hanus.


The meeting was called to order by Tweed Shuman, noting for the record Michelle Lambert, Shirley Suhsen, and Carol Pearson were absent.


Approval of Agenda

A motion was made by Kathy McCoy, seconded by Dale Schleeter to approve the agenda moving New Business C) Intensive Supervision Program after Old Business E; motion carried. 


Approval of Minutes

A motion was made by James Schlender, seconded by Dale Schleeter to approve the minutes of the December 6, 2016 meeting as presented; motion carried.


Audience Recognition

Desmonde Bennett, Senior Resource Center Elderly Benefit Specialist

Daniel Cousins Sr.


Committee Reports

LCO Liaison:

Per Norma Ross, Indian Child Welfare received a $38,000 Safe and Stable Families grant for 2017, Oakwood Haven lost funding for two positions, and the home visitation program was granted funding for five years.


Old Business:


Residential Services Update

The AODA/Mental Health Supervisor reported a census of six at Transitions and gave an overview of crisis activity for the month of December.  He and the Director met with Corporation Counsel regarding staff issues at Transitions.  It was the opinion of Corporation Counsel that the county is not liable for labor law issues when contracting services.  The contract agency that provides staff for the facility has hired two new staff members, both having previously worked at Oasis for Northwest Passage.   


Economic Support Consortium Update

There was nothing to report under this item.





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Juvenile Residential Facility

The Juvenile Justice Supervisor reported 100% occupancy at Oasis for December.  There were a total of 25 bed days open in 2016.  March 4, 2017 will mark five years of service at the Oasis facility.  Northwest Passage is currently advertising to fill the two positions vacated by employees who went to Transitions.


Budget Performance Report

Copies of the November 2016 Budget Performance Report for Health and Human Services were provided to the board. 


ADRC/Senior Resource Center Collaboration

Budget information regarding the integration of the Elderly Benefit Specialist (EBS) position from the Senior Resource Center (SRC) to the ADRC-N was presented to the board.  The Director reported per Linda Hand, the SRC board wanted to retain the 2017 county funding of $2,008 for the SRC but otherwise supported moving the EBS position from the SRC to the county.  A motion was made by James Schlender, seconded by Iras Humphreys to add the full time EBS position to the county effective February 1, 2017 and forward the recommendation to the administration committee and the full county board; motion carried.


New Business:


Intensive Supervision Program

The Director gave an overview of the Intensive Supervision Program (ISP) including the general program philosophy and budgetary and staffing issues arising from necessary changes to the drug and alcohol testing component of the program.  Judge Yackel explained the value of the program from the court’s perspective.  Ensuing discussion of the ISP led to subsequent discussion of the county’s need for a criminal justice coordinator (CJC).  Funding for criminal justice programming is available through a state initiative.  The board asked the County Administrator to coordinate meetings with state personnel and relative county representatives (public safety committee, HHS staff, District Attorney and Sheriff’s Chief Deputy) to coincide with the February HHS board meeting. The County Administrator and Director will meet with the Sheriff to discuss weekend drug testing.


Public Health Programs

Details of several ongoing Public Health grants were presented to the board by the Health Officer.


HHS Committee Mission Statement

Iras Humphreys drafted a sample mission statement for the HHS Board and asked that it be distributed to all board members for reflection/revision and reviewed at the February board meeting.


Any Items for Discussion Only

The Director shared a letter from the State Department of Health Services regarding customer satisfaction survey results for the ADRC-N highlighting many noteworthy program accomplishments and commendations.


Vickie Palya and Renee Reinke recently retired from HHS with more than ten and thirty-three years of service respectively. 



A motion to adjourn was made by James Schlender, seconded by Dale Schleeter; motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 8:11 P.M.