Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Economic Development and Planning

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Sawyer County Economic Development and Planning Committee

Draft Minutes

January 27, 2005



Committee Members Attending: Bill Voight, Arlene Mizerka, Shirley Reidmann,


Other County Personnel: David Berard, Kris Mayberry, Pete Sanders


Others Attending: Cheryl Treland, Kevin Ruetten, Bob Pendleton, Bob Stuchal, Sheldon Johnson, Mike Gehrke, Wayne Geist, Sandra Geist.


Meeting called to order at 9:05 by Bill Voight.


01.  Meeting agenda

Motion by Reidmann, to approve the agenda. Seconded by Mizerka, motion carried


02.  Minutes of the meeting of December 9, 2004

Motion by Mizerka to approve the minutes from the December 9, 2004 meeting, Seconded by Reidmann,  motion carried.


03.  Status of request for designation of $10,000 to meet goals of Economic Development and Planning Committee:

Kris Mayberry indicated that 2/3 majority was needed, 9 were in favor and 6 against. The county board asked to show what the money would be spent on. Recommendation to submit Superior days and dollar amount to be shown for comprehensive planning and go to county board.  A plan is needed to identify priorities.


04.  Northwest Regional Planning Commission report, including housing loan fund report.

Sheldon Johnson reported on the Sawyer County CDBG Housing Program Revolving Loan Fund (Summary report on file). Kris Mayberry asked that the loan committee act on requests to subordinate the loan. Loan committee has developed an approval process before they come to the county for subordination.


05.  Hayward Area Development Corporation report, including marketing diversification grant and collaboration between Sawyer County Health and Human Services Department, LCO and Hayward Area Development Corporation to train and employ local residents.

Bob Stuchal reported on behalf of HADC.


Diversification Grant

Diversification grant process moving along. They will be needing to draw on funds toward the end of Feb. Holding meetings, hoping to wrap up the meetings by the end of the week.


Training Collaboration

Bob has contacted with Pete Sanders. Pete has been making contacts and is finding support for an initiative. Recommendation to approach people in the LCO schools to find out how to assist those making a transition from High School to Work to College.


Economic Development revolving loan fund, one of the projects underperforming but have submitted 3 payments designed to catch up. They have assured Bob that they would become current. Discussion of possible restructuring options for billing and debt.


SCEA – Sponsoring 10th annual job fair at LCO. Bob has folders for employers wishing to receive a table. Also SCEA promoting a job shadow on ground hog day.


06.    Hayward Lakes’ Visitor and Convention Bureau report, including proposal for uniform county-wide room tax.

Cheryl Treland provided a report (on file) including a proposal for county-wide room tax. Bill Voight received a joint e-mail from constituents against the room tax. Bill also received a letter from Town of Winter regarding process of contacting the towns. Cheryl Treland provided two documents related to room tax (on file) “Model Local Room Tax Ordinance”, and “Hayward Lakes Visitors & Convention Bureau, Sawyer County, WI, USA. – Room Tax Documents”. Request that County Board pass a resolution supporting that municipalities adopt a room tax county wide. Motion by Reidmann, seconded by Mizerka to table county room tax resolution until the Visitors and Convention Bureau gets back to the committee regarding process of communication to lodging business and towns. Motion carried.


07.    Superior Days, including funding request from youth participants.

Bill Voight talked about Superior Days and how the event worked well last year.  The student representative from Hayward will not be attending due to conflicts with attending the required planning and training meetings. Lori Laberee submitted a request for travel funds for Motion by Reidmann to forward the travel fund request and recommend approval to finance committee, seconded by Mizerka. Motion Carried


08.  Comprehensive planning process including timelines and criteria for hiring and selecting a planning consultant

Berard presented information on comprehensive planning including an RFP for the pre-planning phase. Committee discussion that the pre-planning RFP may be too in depth to solicit proposals. Sheldon Johnson provided information regarding the changes in the new law. Right now, scope is to get money to develop the grant. Berard will revise the RFP and communicate the information to Sheldon Johnson and Bob Stuchal. Johnson will come back to the next committee meeting with some options and associated costs for pre-planning.


09.  Other matters for discussion only

Next Meeting – March 2, 2005 Economic Development and Planning Committee. (Note, meeting date changed to March 10, 2005)

(Note, this meeting has been rescheduled for March 10, 2005 at 9:00 am.)