Meeting Agendas & Minutes


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Sawyer County Forestry Committee

January 4, 2005


Committee Members Present:                 Shirley Riedmann           Frank Romnes               Shirley Suhsen              Jim Bassett                        Bill Voight


County Personnel Present:                     Mike Kruger                   Kris Mayberry                Don Mrotek      

                                                            Brian Cody                    Carol Larson                  Peter Sievert

                                                            Jeff Steidl


DNR Personnel Present:                         Peter Wisdom                          


Others Present:                                     Terrell Boettcher            Kathy McCoy                Tom Mansfield  


The meeting was called to order at 9:30a.m. by Chairperson Riedmann.


Motion by Suhsen, second by Riedmann to approve the agenda with the addition Forestry Department commendations.  Motion carried.


Motion by Bassett, second by Romnes to approve the minutes of the December 2, 2004 meeting   Motion carried.


Event Dates


            Seeley Hills Classic - 1/15/05

            Hayward Half Marathon and 5K - 9/10-11/05


Discussion was held on requested events.  Motion by Bassett, second by Romnes with receiving Certificate of Insurance before event.  Motion carried.


Tom Mansfield, President of the Hayward Lion's, was present and questioned why the Lion's have to pay the entrant fee for the Pre-Birkie when they are non-profit.  All groups, including non-profit's, pay the entrant fee for use of the Birkie Trail.  The money collected from entrant fees goes for maintenance and grooming of the trail.  P. Wisdom suggested that a written statement be prepared that would be handed out to all user of the trail explaining where the entrant fee goes.


County Forester Commendations


Shirley Riedmann, as Chair of the Sawyer County Forestry Committee, commended Peter Sievert, Jeff Steidl and Mike Kruger for the work done in the past year that generated over $1.9 million.  All areas of the timber sale program have been improved since the addition of a third forester.  Romnes stated that this information should be given to the full County Board.


Riedmann stated that she requested Mike Kruger to provide the needed clothing, equipment, GPS units, computer, etc. to help the foresters and Dee to do their jobs effectively.


SpectraSite request for permission to place accessory building at communication tower site


Brian Cody asked Pete Wisdom if the land where the tower is located needed to be withdrawn from County Forest.  The land does need to be withdrawn.  The procedure would be:  1) Go out and GPS the area and get a map; 2) Keep Gary Vander Wyst from Park Falls advised; 3) Application needs to be written; 4) Forestry Committee needs to approve; 5) Sawyer County Board of Supervisors needs to approve withdrawal by a 2/3 majority.


There are other towers in the same vicinity.  Mike Kruger and Brian Cody will look at all towers and get application prepared for the 10-Year-Plan meeting on January 12th.


Timber sale field surveillance - retaining retired foresters


In November, a copy of suggested surveillance procedure was passed out.  The question is, would the use of retired foresters help with the surveillance.  Romnes asked what picture are we painting to loggers?  Are they thieves because they are loggers? 


A question was raised regarding the security camera that we had.  Kruger stated that he gave it to the Sheriff's Department to see if it could be fixed.  Committee consensus was that if the camera could not be fixed, to get some cameras ordered and in use to help with the surveillance of different jobs.  How can you monitor everybody?  Mike said the foresters match the date and time on the photo with the tickets that should be in the box.


A question was raised regarding the amount of time J. Steidl has spent during weekends, early mornings and evenings monitoring sales.  Jeff stated that he had probably spent a full week or two since being hired.  Carol Larson will check his job description and bring information to February meeting regarding the percent of time to be spent on surveillance.


Riedmann did talk to the Sheriff's Department regarding using Recreation Officer to help monitor sales.


Sawyer County Snowmobile Coordinator report


Don Mrotek:  1) Will attend Stormwater Training session; 2) Winter Huskies will be holding snowmobile safety meeting; 3)  Will attend AWSC meeting at Siren; 4) Snow trail conditions were really good up until last week.  There is a good base but need fresh snow;  5) Alliance has 14 pieces of equipment to groom and maintain trails; 6) Work projects this coming spring include Trail 31.


Resolution for Commitment for Sustainable Forestry Initiative - SFT and/or FSC


The State is paying the direct costs for the first year.  There may be some indirect costs associated with the certification.  Committee consensus to pass resolution for dual certification on to County Board for approval.


Report on work done County 10-Year-Plan Chapter 700


The next meeting is scheduled for January 12 from 11:00 am to approximately 3:00 pm.  Complete Chapter 700 and discuss Chapters 600, 800, 900, 1000, 2000 and 3000.


Sawyer County's rights and responsibilities regarding Wisconsin County Forest Law


Kris Mayberry has contacted Colette Matthew at WCFA and the DNR attorney.  He stated that we may want to check on timber sales which are set up by the county, but are approved by the DNR.  Retaining an outside counsel to explore the county's rights within the County Forest Law (Chapter 28.11, Wis. Stats). could be expensive.  It was decided to present a proposal to the County Board for consensus.


Proposal to acquire lands to include in Sawyer County Forest in exchange for lands to be withdrawn from County Forest


Kris Mayberry passed out a proposal.


November 2004 Corrective Action Plan Progress Review, and

Update on December 16, 2004 joint County/DNR Foresters meeting


Riedmann stated that the monthly meetings are going well.  Everyone is welcome to attend the meetings which are held at 7:30 am at the DNR.  A complete list of dates will be posted.  The meetings give everybody a chance to talk and air differences and come up with workable solutions.


Future Foresters (CCC concept) youth forestry education/training


High schools are looking for curriculum ideas for the children.  A program such as this could help with tree planting, reforestation, etc.  It was suggested that Riedmann contact Dale Olson and Lori Laberee for more direction.


New vehicle specifications


2005 full-sized 4 x 4 pickup work truck, extended cab with styleside short box (6 1/2 feet), automatic transmission, five (5) 17" all-season steel belted radial tires, 8000# winch front mounted including wrap around grill guard


To be taken in trade:  1999 Ford Explorer, 4 door, green color with approximately 110,000 miles

Carol Larson suggested using the word "quote" instead of "bid."


Sawyer County Forestry Report


Mike Kruger:  1) Midwest Timber has requested using an opening just north of the Rusk County line to store wood.  He was instructed to check out the area and this item will be placed on agenda for February meeting.  2) Word has been received that we were awarded a portion of the Sustainable Forestry Grant for which we applied.  3)  Jobs are starting up again and there is quite a bit of scaling to do.


DNR Forestry Report


Pete Wisdom:  1) Would like to have abandoned cabins on agenda for February meeting.


Approve vouchers


Motion by Suhsen, second by Voight to approve the vouchers.   Motion carried with Romnes opposing. 


Other matters for discussion only


Carol Larson stated that the evaluation process has started.  The Department Heads do the staff and the Committee will evaluate the Department Heads. 


Basset questioned what would happen if Sawyer County passed a resolution that no bears from other counties could be dropped in Sawyer County.  He should talk to the Land and Water Conservation Committee.


A training will be held on cruiser/PDA in Ladysmith on February 3, 2005 from 9 am to 3 pm.  It was suggested that Jeff attend.




Motion by Bassett, second by Voight to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 11:50 a.m.



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