Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Land & Water Conservation

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Sawyer County Land & Water Conservation Committee

January 5, 2005


Committee Members Present:                            Shirley Suhsen                     Jim Bassett

                                                                                Shirley J. Riedmann             Bill Voight

                                                                                Frank Romnes                       Roger Ploger


Others Present:     Mike Koehler, NRCS

                                Carol Larson, County Human Resources

                                Dianne Ince, County Treasurer

                                Dale Beissel

                                Laine Stowell, DNR

                                Dale Olson, County Conservationist

                                Tim Seidl, County Conservation Technician

                                Dan Tyrolt, LCO Conservation

                                Don Mrotek, County ATV/Snowmobile Coordinator


The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m.  Motion by Suhsen, second by Romnes, to approve the agenda.  Motion carried.


Motion by Voight, second by Ploger, to approve the December 3, 2004 minutes.  Motion carried.


Camp Smith Lake Trail

Olson reported that a restoration plan has been sent to DNR staff for review.  Discussion regarding possible improvements to remaining access road.  Olson will provide a plan for consideration at next meeting.


Voight requested change in agenda sequence for Mr. Beissel to address the committee.  Request granted.


Review 2004 Wildlife Damage Claims

Mr. Beissel provided information regarding his agriculture operation, costs involved, crop losses and methods used by county staff to access wildlife damage.  Requested the committee consider increasing his appraised wildlife damage and change the procedures including issuance of shooting permits for bear.


Stowell distributed information on the administrative rules for the wildlife damage program that county staff must comply with.  Discussion regarding the protocol for issuing shooting permits, bear trapping and crop appraisal methods. 


Mr. Beissel exited.


List of 2004 wildlife damage claimants with yield losses distributed (copy on file) and reviewed.  Motion by Suhsen, second by Voight, to approve the eligible claims presented.  Beissel claim will be withheld pending verification of shooting permit compliance.  Motion carried.


Establish 2004 Wildlife Damage Crop Reimbursement Rates

Information on crop prices from various sources reviewed.  Committee consensus to utilize local feed mill rates, Wood County rate for cranberries and individual producer rates for miscellaneous crops as reimbursement rates. 


Motion by Suhsen, second by Voight, to approve the following 2004 wildlife damage crop reimbursement rates:  alfalfa/hay - $125 per ton; pumpkins - $6.00 each; sweet corn - $2.50 per dozen; sunflowers - $10.00 per 50 lbs.; bagged silage - $125 per ton; cranberries - $35 per barrel; corn - $2.25 per bushel; oats - $1.58 per bushel; and soybeans $5.49 per bushel.  Motion carried.


Page 2, Sawyer County Land & Water Conservation Committee, January 5, 2005



Land Sale Concerns

No business


Release of Gravel Rights

No business


NRCS Business

Koehler distributed work reports (copies on file).  Provided update on staffing changes and grant funds for cranberry growers.


DNR Business

No business


LCO Business

Tyrolt reported on spill containment plan for Herman’s Landing, logging road seeding project and sediment core samples for Round Lake.


Park Advisory Committee Report

No business


County Work Report

Work reports, dam maintenance, 2004 annual report and 2005 workplan distributed (copies on file).  Discussion on coordination with zoning staff and committee on large-scale mitigation plans.


Base Flood Elevation Project for Couderay Watershed

Heather Harrington, NWBE, has advised that Carthel will be completing the elevations for Big Round, Little Round and Osprey lakes by January 31st.  No date was given for the remaining lakes.


Monthly Expenditures

Vouchers reviewed.  Motion by Suhsen, second by Bassett, to approve the vouchers presented.  Motion carried.


Other Business for Discussion

Larson noted that employee evaluations should be done by department heads in January and committees will review the department head. 


Motion by Voight, second by Bassett, to adjourn.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 10:45 a.m.




Jan Eck, Recorder