Meeting Agendas & Minutes


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Minutes of the meeting of the Finance Committee

Sawyer County Board of Supervisors

February 14, 2005, 9:00 a.m., Assembly Room, Sawyer County Courthouse


members present:  Robert Vitcenda (Chairman), Kathy McCoy, Shirley Riedmann, James Bassett


also present:  County Board Chairman Hal Helwig, Human Resource Manager Carol Larson, County Clerk Kris Mayberry


Motion by McCoy, 2nd by Bassett, to approve the meeting agenda.  Motion carried.


Motion by Bassett, 2nd by Riedmann, to approve the minutes of the meeting of January 13, 2005.  Motion carried.


The Committee reviewed the following sealed bids for the purchase of 80 cases of letter size and 10 cases of legal size plain paper:

  $2,226.20 – Northern Business Products

  $2,374.80 – Tri-State Business Systems

Motion by Bassett, 2nd by McCoy, to approve the bid of Northern Business Products.  Motion carried.


The Committee reviewed 4-H Youth Development Educator Lori Laberee’s estimate calculations for expenses totaling $692 for Sawyer County’s sponsorship of a youth participant (including chaperone) to the Superior Days event to be held in Madison.  Motion by McCoy, 2nd by Riedmann, to authorize payment of the amount from the County Board expense account of the 2005 Sawyer County Budget.  Motion carried.


The Committee reviewed information that had been presented to the Courthouse Committee by Land Records Department Director Robyn Thake about a proposal from Image America for updated high-resolution orthoimagery (aerial photography corrected to the ground coordinate system) for Sawyer County.  The proposal indicated that the images would be useful for purposes including the creation and maintenance of the County’s 911 and tax parcel maps.  Image America proposes that Sawyer County pay a non-refundable $7,500 flight commitment fee and offers assistance in preparing a wireless 911 grant application for 80% ($75,360) of the $94,200 cost for the orthoimagery.  If the grant were successful the County would be responsible for the $7,500 flight commitment fee and 20% ($18,840) of the $94,200 cost for the orthoimagery for a total of $26,340.  The Courthouse Committee referred the matter to the Public Safety Committee and the Finance Committee to address any requirements or the advisability of selecting a vendor without soliciting bids or proposals and to determine the issues of funding the costs associated with the proposal.  The Public Safety Committee took no action on the proposal.  The Finance Committee took no action on the proposal.


The Committee discussed the procedures and legal requirements for committees in bidding for the purchase of equipment, including vehicles, for County departments.  County Clerk Kris Mayberry requested and received an opinion from Corporation Counsel Thomas J. Duffy as to whether, when bidding for trucks (equipment), the County must accept the low bid.  Mr. Duffy’s opinion indicates that “case law and Attorney General opinions are clear that equipment, including vehicles, need not be bid, and if bid, there is no requirement to accept the lowest bidder”.  Each County Board member will receive a copy of the opinion.


County Clerk Kris Mayberry presented the Committee with a copy of and reviewed the project plan for the implementation of the New World Systems County financial management and human resource software.  The plan includes a schedule for meetings, data conversion, training, start-up, and fine-tuning of the system.


The Committee reviewed County Treasurer Dianne Ince’s financial report through January of 2005.  Motion by McCoy, 2nd by Bassett, to approve the report.  Motion carried.


The Committee reviewed the Wisconsin Department of Revenue monthly report on county sales and use tax distribution to Sawyer County as follows:

§         distributed to Sawyer County in January of 2005 - $101,871.05

§         distributed to Sawyer County in 2005 through January - $101,871.05

§         distributed to Sawyer County through the same month in 2004 - $93,340.27

§         2004 Sawyer County Budget sales and use tax revenue forecast - $1,300,000


The Committee reviewed a 2004 year-to-date General Fund expenditure report prepared by the County Clerk’s Office.  County Clerk Kris Mayberry noted that fund transfers would be necessary to eliminate certain account deficits to close the accounting for 2004.


The Committee reviewed monthly County department expense vouchers.  Motion by Riedmann, 2nd by Bassett, to approve the vouchers.  Motion carried.


Motion by McCoy, 2nd by Bassett, to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried.



Minutes prepared by Kris Mayberry, Sawyer County Clerk