Meeting Agendas & Minutes


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Minutes of February 10, 2005 Highway Committee Meeting



Draft:               Subject to approval by the Highway Committee


Committee Members Present:    Frank Romnes, Nate DeLong, Pat Aderman,

                                                Mel Olson, and Ron Kinsley


County Personnel Present:         Gary Gedart, Joanne Nitz, and Carol Larson


Guests:                                     Laurie Perlick



Nate DeLong called the meting to order at 8:00 a.m.


1.                   Approve agenda and any additions


Motion by Kinsley, second by Romnes to approve agenda and additions

                        Motion carried.


2.                   Approve minutes from January meeting


Motion by Aderman, second by Olson to approve minutes from January meeting.  Motion carried.


3.                   Audience recognition




4.                   Open equipment bids


Motion by Kinsley, second by Aderman to accept all truck bids, and have the bids reviewed by the Commissioner and Shop Foreman.  Motion carried.  A special meeting would be held on February 17, 2005 at 6:15 p.m. to award the bid.


5.                   Sawyer County Snowmobile Alliance trail discussion along CTH S


Mark Schneider representing the Snowmobile Alliance was present to request the use of CTH S from Pine River Road to Moose Lake Road for snowmobiling.  Motion by Olson, second by Kinsley to approve the snowmobile request for a one year period.  Motion carried.


6.                   Barron County ITS Grant


Gary indicated that he received paperwork from Barron County in regards to Sawyer County being a part of an agreement pertaining to communications.  The committee referred it to the Personnel/Administrative Committee and Corporation Counsel for review.


7.                   Highway Department Financial Statement


The Highway Committee approved the financial statement.


8.                   Commissioners report


Gary reported that the crew is brushing on CTH A and F.  Gary reported that there is no shortage of salt.  Gary indicated that he would set up a meeting for the Highway Committee to review the Highway Department operations.  Gary indicated that from the money that was carried over from the 2004 State Requisition the county would be looking to build a shed for the magnesium chloride at the Radisson Shop site.  Gary indicated that the county would be requesting bids for hot mix and these would be brought to the April meeting.  Gary indicated that the gravel for CTH A construction would be coming out of the Point Sporting Goods pit.  The construction work on CTH M south is an 80/20 split with the DOT and there is some question as to whether the county could do some of the work, Gary is communicating with the DOT to get the final decision.  Gary reported that on Feb. 7th he met with Ed Metcalf, Greg Dobbs, Dave Berard, Robert Hill and Nate DeLong in regards to working on erosion control issues for the fairgrounds.  He indicated that this would probably come back to the committee for discussion at a later date.  Gary passed out the specifications for a vibratory roller, this will be bid out for opening at the March meeting.  Nate questioned if the county has ever looked at purchasing a second hot box. Gary indicated that they haven’t, but he will talk to the Shop Foremen in regards to this matter.  Gary reported that the preliminary traffic count data from the DOT is being processed and should be available very soon.  Nate indicated that the signage on STH 27/70 near the Sand Lake area still is not marked properly.  Gary indicated that he would take this to the Traffic Safety Meeting on Feb. 16th.


9.                   Old Business


Joanne passed out the revised re-organizational plan.  Gary passed out the 2005 scheduled projects with cost and descriptions of the work to be performed.


10.               New Business




11.               Items for discussion only



12.               Out of County Travel


Gary to Commissioner’s meeting in Washburn Co on February 18th

John to District 8 Utility Conference in Ashland on February 24th

Gary to Machinery Management Meeting in Plover on February 25th

Gary to Commissioner’s Conference Planning Meeting in Washburn on March 8th

Motion by Aderman, second by Romnes to approve out of county travel.  Motion carried.


13.               Review and approve vouchers for January bills


Motion by Kinsley, second by Aderman to approve voucher for January bills.  Motion carried.


14.               Closed Session


(Minutes of closed session are kept in a confidential file at the Office of the Highway Commissioner and Office of the County Clerk).


15.               Reconvene into open session


Motion by Aderman, second by Romnes to reconvene into open session and simultaneously adjourn at 10:55 a.m.  Motion carried.