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March 3, 2005


Committee Members Present:      Bill Voight, Shirley Riedmann, Jim Bassett, Bob Vitcenda

County Personnel Present:           Lori Laberee, Gerry Berg-Sutten, Trinke McNurlin, Gary Gedart, Robert Hill

Others present:                            Ed Metcalf, Nate DeLong


Meeting called to order at 8:30 by chairperson Riedmann. 

Approval of Agenda

Moved by Voight, seconded by Riedmann to approve agenda.  Motion carried


Approval of Minutes from the February 3, 2005 meeting

Moved by Bassett, seconded by Riedmann to approve the minutes of the February 3, 2005 meeting.  Motion carried


Sawyer County Agricultural Fair Association Report, including Funding Request for Erosion Control at Fairgrounds.

Nate DeLong provided background regarding efforts to control erosion and stormwater at the fair site. SCAFA representative Ed Metcalf presented a plan and funding request to reduce erosion and drainage problems (on file).  Discussion and recommendation by the committee to bring back a more comprehensive plan to account for longer-term needs at the fair including leveling of the hillside. Motion to table until the next meeting by Vitcenda, seconded by Bassett. Motion carried. Metcalf also invited the Agriculture and Extension Committee members to the fair association strategic planning session on March 19th.


Agent Reports – David Berard, CRD Aget

Berard summarized his pre-review information for committee personnel evaluation use. Motion by Vitcenda, seconded by Voight to accept written agent reports and approve out of county travel for March.


Approval of Vouchers

Moved by Bassett, seconded by Vitcenda to approve the vouchers.  Motion carried.


Any other Extension business for discussion only



Closed session, pursuant to section 19.85(1)©, Wisconsin Statutes, to consider the performance evaluation for non-represented department employees.

Motion by Bassett, seconded by Vitcenda to convene in closed session. Motion and second withdrawn due to lack of time.



Meeting adjourned to the call of the chair.


Recorded by David Berard