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Economic Development and Planning

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Sawyer County Economic Development and Planning Committee – Draft Minutes

Sawyer County Courthouse

March 10, 2005


Committee Members Present – Bill Voight, Bruce Miller, Shirley Riedmann, Arlene Mizerka


Others Present – Kris Mayberry, Mark Dobie, Sheldon Johnson, Robert Stuchal, David Berard, Terrel Boetcher, Mike Gehrke, Pete Sanders.


Meeting called to order by Chairman Voight at 9:00 am.


  1. Approval of Agenda -   Motion by Miller, seconded by Riedmann to approve the agenda. Motion carried.
  2. Approval of Minutes from Jan 27, 2005 Meeting – Motion by Miller, seconded by Riedmann to approve the minutes from the Jan 27, 2005 meeting. Motion carried.
  3. NWRPC Report (including housing loan fund report, procedures for signing off on modifications to housing loans, and options for comprehensive planning- preplanning stages)


Housing Loan Fund Report

Sheldon Johnson reported on the housing loan fund project (summary report on file) Johnson outlined subordination procedures as spelled out in the summary report. $16,408 is currently available in the fund and there are two pending applications. The application process for new funds is expected to begin in April. Miller requested local information on where the project is located. That information could be provided. Motion by Miller, seconded by Mizerka to approve the housing loan fund report as presented including procedures for signing off on modification to housing loans. Motion carried.


Options of comprehensive planning – preplanning stages

Sheldon Johnson reported on the Sawyer County Comprehensive Plan – preplanning phase – Report on file. Discussion – Motion by Riedmann to recommend option one to the county board to be capped at $15,000 and for NWRPC to collaborate with HADC and UW-Extension in developing the pre-planning phase of comprehensive planning. Seconded by Miller. Motion carried, 3 yes, 1 no.


Johnson is also working with LCO on pulling together some of the planning information for LCO Comprehensive Plan.


  1. HADC Report (Including marketing diversification grant and collaboration between county health and social service, LCO and HADC to train and employ local residents.)


Bob Stuchal presented a summary status of the diversification grant including a timeline. There was a communication glitch between Department of Commerce and HADC which caused a delay in reporting. Miller recommended that Stuchal’s request for county to draw down 50% of the funds from the grant be approved.  Draw down of funds to be coordinated through Berard and Mayberry.


Collaborative effort - LCO unemployment measured at 67%, is a potential labor force that needs to trained and tapped. Still a commitment of HADC to move forward on the initiative and they are receiving positive support for LCO.  Recommendation by Miller for committee members to stop out and visit the job fair at LCO. Scheduled for the 15th, 10:00 am at LCO Convention Center.


Arlene Mizerka exited the committee meeting at 10:00 am.


Proposal from Miller that this committee get together and coordinate some type of economic summit to look at county economic development goals and Berard will coordinate with Stuchal.


  1. Hayward Lake’s Visitor and Convention Bureau Report (including update on proposal for uniform municipal room tax county-wide.)


Berard read a letter from Treland saying the she has met with municipalities, provided information to the towns and will be talking to lodging facilities and meeting with the towns in April.


Mark Dobie said that the presentations will be made based on the composition of the town boards. Mark said that he would be making the presentation at Round Lake. Miller identified that it would be helpful to have lodging operators provide the information to the towns. Dobie identified that county tax dollars are going to support tourism and that a shift in tax burden would be made to people from outside of the area.


  1. Status of request for $10,000 budget line item to meet goals of Economic Development and Planning Committee.


County board has identified that the committee make requests on an as needed basis. Berard handed out goals from 2000. Miller indicated we need to listen to the community in order to lead. Miller identified that we should also take some time at the next committee to review and update goals and also need to spend some time on action elements to go along with the goals. To be put on next meeting agenda – planning process to be held at a special meeting.


  1. Superior Days Report


Lori Laberee indicated that there was a very positive reception from the youth that attended. Stuchal indicated that he had set up the Sawyer County booth. Voight said that we need to come up with something concrete that pertain to Sawyer County. Two issues that pertain to Sawyer County were on the Superior Days agenda – Veterens Center and Tuscobia Trail. Overall the sessions were very productive. Miller suggested that this committee develop strategies to take to the planning session at Superior Days.  Stuchal indicated that some of the counties went down a day early and scheduled some meetings specific to their county.


  1. Other business for discussion only.


Bill Voight reported on the Winter TIF program, the village board will vote on it tonight. Dave Rasmussen is working on the TIF for the village. Voight was appointed to the TIF board, along with tech school, school board representative, village representative, and a citizen member. Village to come up with $9,000 to create TIF district which would be a mixed use TIF district. They would need to upgrade the lift station, water and sewer extension, storm sewer improvements, and site improvements. Eligible TIF costs of more than $1,135,300 dollars.



  1. Closed session, pursuant to section 19.85(1)(e), Wisconsin Statutes, to consider opportunities for the exchange or purchase of land for County economic development.            


Motion by Riedmann to go into closed session, seconded by Miller motion carried. (Minutes of a closed session kept in a separate file.)



Motion by to Riedmann seconded by Miller to reconvene in open session


  1. Adjourn

      Motion to adjourn by Miller, seconded by Riedmann.



Minutes Recorded by David Berard