Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Health and Human Services

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Sawyer County Health And Human Services
March 11, 2005

Place:    Sawyer County Court House

Called To Order: 8:30 A.M.

Committee Members In Attendance:

Kathy Mccoy; Shirley Suhsen; Arlene Mizerka; Gladys Ruegger; Pat Aderman; Ron Kinsley; Bill Voight; Geri Fitch, Left At 10:30; Bruce Miller; Carol Pearson.

Staff Members In Attendance:

Pete Sanders; Patty Dujardin; Pat Harrington; Deb Christians; Amy Nigbor; Billie Olson; Carol Larson.


The Meeting Was Called To Order By Chair Shirley Suhsen, Noting, For The Record, That John Mckichan; Sis Hale And Deb Butler Were Not In Attendance.

Approval Of Agenda:

A Motion Was Made By Bill Voight Seconded By Ron Kinsley Approving The Agenda As Presented With The Addition Under Old Business, E, Public Health Annual Report; Motion Carried.

Approval Of Minutes:

A Motion Was Made By Ron Kinsley, Seconded By Kathy Mccoy Approving The Minutes Of The February 11th Meeting As Presented; Motion Carried.

Committee Reports:

Lco Liaison:

No Report Was Received.


Copies Of February 2 005 Vouchers Were Submitted For Approval As Well As All Bills Paid Since The Last Board Meeting. A Motion Was Made By Bruce Miller Seconded By Pat Aderman, To Approve The Vouchers As Submitted; Motion Carried.

Old Business:

W-2 :

The W-2 Program Was Reviewed Explaining That 1 Cash Payment In Sawyer And

3 In Washburn County Were Made To Clients For The Month Of March.

It Was Reported That The State Is Still Deliberating On The 2006-2007 Contract Process And Selection Criteria.  The Proposal Made By The Governor To Decrease The Total Funds In The W-2 Program For The Next Contract Is Being Met With Resistance From The Counties Association.

Revenue And Expense Statement:

A Copy Of The January W-2 Revenue And Expense Report Was Reviewed.  A Motion Was Made By Ron Kinsley, Arlene Mizerka Seconded, Accepting The Revenue And Expense Report As Submitted;  Motion Carried.

Home Health Patient Census And Update:

A Copy Of A Graph Showing Home Health Patient New Admissions From January

2002 Through February 2005 Was Shared With The Board. A Motion To Accept The Patient Census Was Made By Gladys Ruegger, Bill Voight Seconded; Motion Carried.

Mentoring Program:

The Director Informed The Board That Gary Johnson Requested An Extension Of The Mentoring Program Discussion Until The April Meeting.  A Motion Was Made By Arlene Mizerka, Seconded By Bruce Miller, To Table The Issue Of The Mentoring Program To The April Meeting; Motion Carried.

Abstinence Program:

Public Health Supervisor, Pat Harrington, Reported That A Town Hall Meeting Is Scheduled On 3-31 To Discuss The Abstinence Program And Solicit Interest From The Community.  An Update Was Given On The Abstinence Grant And The Limited Possibilities It Offered For Funding.  A Motion Was Made By Bruce Miller, Seconded By Carol Pearson Accepting The Public Health Supervisor's Report; Motion Carried.

Public Health Annual Report:

The Annual Report Of The Public Health Department Was Reviewed, Highlighting The Agency's Progress On The County Health Plan As Well As Agency Programming In The Areas Of Communicable Disease, Maternal Child Health, Disease Prevention, Environmental Issues And Public Health Preparedness.

Terri Timmers From The State Department Of Public Health Reported On The Excellent Job The Agency Did On The Chapter 140 Review Conducted By The State On March 10th.  A Formal Response On The Review Will Be Forthcoming.

New Business:

Ventures Unlimited Inc.:

Kristen Frane From Ventures Unlimited Inc., Gave An Overview Of The Services Offered By The Agency, Showing Samples Of Work Projects Handled By The 62 Attendees To The Sawyer County Facility.

Energy Program:

The Energy Program Coordinator, Billie Olson, Spoke On The Services Covered By The Program, Highlighting The Various Proactive As Well As Educational

Components Involved.   Handouts Were Reviewed Showing Funding Levels And

People Served.  A Motion Was Made By Bruce Miller, Seconded By Pat Aderman, Accepting The Energy Program Report; Motion Carried.

Ordinance For Temporary Food Establishments:

A Copy Of A Proposed Ordinance For Temporary Food Establishments Was Submitted For Review.  Differences Between The Agent Status Program Presented By Greg Pallaske, From The State Food Safety And Recreational Licensing Division Of Public Health, At The February Meeting Were Discussed.

A Motion Was Made By Kathy Mccoy, Seconded By Bruce Miller To Table The Issue Of The Ordinance For Temporary Food Establishments To The April Meeting To Allow Time For Review And To Allow Time For The Director To Contact Area Event Sponsors To Allow Their Review And Comments Of The Ordinance; After Discussion, Motion Carried.

Revenue And Expense Statement:

A Copy Of The January Revenue And Expense Statements For Health And Human Services Were Reviewed.  A Motion Was Made By Bruce Miller; Seconded By Ron Kinsley To Accept The Revenue And Expense Report As Presented;  Motion Carried.

Out Of County Travel:

Out Of County Travel And Training For The Month Of March 2 005 Was Submitted For Approval.  A Motion Was Made By Bruce Miller; Seconded By Ron Kinsley To Approve The Out Of County Travel And Training As Submitted;  Motion Carried.

A Motion To Table The Closed Session Pursuant To Section 19.85(C) Wis.

Statues For The Purpose Of Considering Employment, Promotion, Compensation Or Performance Evaluation Data Of Any Public Employee Over Which The Governmental Body Has Jurisdiction Or Exercise Responsibility, To The April Meeting By Bruce Miller, Seconded By Bill Voight; Motion Carried.

Dates Were Reviewed For The Executive Committee Interviews For The Department Of Justice Grant Position.

A Letter From Senator Bob Jauch Regarding Reproductive Health Funding Was Shared With The Board.

A Motion To Adjourn Was Made By Ron Kinsley, Seconded By Gladys Ruegger; Motion Carried.  Meeting Adjourned At 10:52 A.M.

Original To Be Filed With Sawyer County Clerk, Kris Mayberry Committee