Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Board of Appeals

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17 JANUARY 2006


Board of Appeals = BOA

RZ = Ray Zubrod, Chairman

AG = Alan Gerber, Vice-Chairman

KZ = Kenneth Zeroth

LN = Larry Neff

LR = Laura Rusk

HB = Howard Brossard, 1st Alternate

DH = Darwin Hintz, 2nd Alternate


Zoning Administration = ZA

WAC = William A. Christman, Zoning Administrator

CY = Cindy Yackley, Deputy Zoning Administrator



1)      Call to Order and Roll Call

RZ calls the Public Hearing before the Sawyer County Zoning Board of Appeals to order at 7:00 P.M. in the Sawyer County Courthouse, 10610 Main St., Hayward, Wisconsin. Roll is called finding present: RZ, KZ, HB, LR, AG, WAC, and CY.

2)      Statement of Board and Hearing Procedures.

Those wishing to speak will be afforded the opportunity provided they identify themselves. RZ gives order of submitting files to BOA, taking testimony, and making a decision. Requests orderly procedure. Gives appeal deadline.

3)      Statement of Hearing Notice.

Public Hearing published as a Class 2 Notice in accordance with Chapter 985 of the Wisconsin Statutes in the Sawyer County Record on December 28, 2005 and January 4, 2006.



1)  Town of Bass Lake – Ann W. Olsen Revocable Trust. 06-001. Part of Govt Lot 2, S 4, T 39N, R 9W, Parcel :2.5. Vol 661 Records Page 147. 6.0 acres total. Property is zoned Residential/Recreational One. Application is for the attachment of a 26’4”x32’7” (857 square feet) newly constructed detached building onto an existing dwelling with an existing footprint of 1578 square feet. On October 14, 2005, Land Use Permit #05-498 was issued for the construction of this building as an addition to the existing dwelling with the dwelling at a setback distance of 75’ to Lac Courte Oreilles Lake. It was later determined that the dwelling setback was actually 72’ to the lake. Variance is requested as Section 4.42(2)(b)(4), Sawyer County Zoning Ordinance, would require that the total structure footprint, including the existing dwelling and the proposed addition, not exceed 1500 square feet. The Town Board has approved the application.


WAC reads application into the record; presents tax listers map, zone district map, and wetland map. Presents photos. Eight (8) letters were sent. 4 were returned with no objections. Applicants asking for a 26’4”x32’7” attachment of a detached garage. Clark Olsen present, shows photos. KZ and RZ were on site. AG asks about the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Olsen: 6 bedrooms, 3 baths. Home built in 1969. All of neighbors’ homes are very large. Size is not an issue. RZ explains to other members that drainage is not an issue. WAC: Buffer zone is intact. RZ doesn’t see any harm to environment. Setback not a problem. KZ agrees. Deck not an environmental issue. Cliff Baldridge also present as contractor. KZ asks about septic cleanout pipe on property. Baldridge: The pipe is from an old system that was removed. New holding tanks to be installed.


Summary Agenda

Board of Appeals

PH: 17 January 2006

RZ motions to approve the application, with a 2 year time limit.

KZ seconds motion.

Unanimous vote.

Findings of Fact: It would not be the convenience of the owner. It would not be the basis of economic gain or loss. It would not be a self-created hardship. There would be no change in use in the zone district. It would not be damaging to the rights of others or property values.



1)  TWJ Forest Resources LLC – Appeal date, January 25, 2006. Will be held in assembly room

2)  Public hearing fees– KZ requested fees be put back on agenda, feels they should be looked at again as last increase was 10 years ago. Board suggested a 20% increase which about a 2% increase compounded over the 10 year period. Asks: Should the taxpayer carry the fees or the person receiving the variance? Expansion of 3 to 5 member board. Work within a 5 year plan and increase fees every 2 to 5 years, so there is no gap. Board discusses different amounts. Most members not in favor of increase to $500.00

AG motions to recommend fee increases of $350.00 for variances and $500.00 for appeals to County Board.

RZ seconds motion.

Unanimous vote.

3)  Fees for reproducing appeal file – CY explains and requests deletion of last sentence of Sec 5.12 of bylaws based on the certification required by the court.

AG motions to delete that sentence.

KZ seconds motion.

Unanimous vote.



1) Next regular meeting of the Sawyer County Board of Appeals February 21, 2006 7:00 PM.



HB motions to adjourn.

LR seconds motion.

Unanimous vote.