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January 4, 2005


Committee Members Present:      Shirley Suhsen, Shirley Riedmann, Bill Voight, Jim Bassett

County Personnel Present:           David Berard, Lori Laberee

Others present:                            Liz Metcalf, Chuck Aubart, John LeBlanc


Meeting called to order at 8:30 by chairperson Riedmann. 


Approval of Agenda

Moved by Suhsen, seconded by Bassett to approve agenda.  Motion carried


Approval of Minutes from the December 2, 2005 meeting

Moved by Voight seconded by Riedmann to approve the minutes of the Dec 2, 2005 meeting.  Motion carried


Sawyer County Agricultural Fair Association Report

Chuck Aubart, Liz Metcalf, and John LeBlanc provided the committee with minutes from their special meeting 12/30/2005, and a listing of their 5 and 10 year plans. Initially there is a focus on making the grounds and facilities safer. There was discussion by the committee about managing and maintenance of the grounds as proposed in the fair association documents (on file). Managing: Discussion about prairie restoration and mowing on the steep hillside. The cover needs more time for restoration, but the association should discuss the mowing option with Gary Gedhart. The Extension office has agreed to handle the booking of the grounds and facilities. The fair association should talk with Gary Gedhart and the Highway Committee about their ability to do some maintenance when it fits their schedule. Also, will check to see if its legal to fold some of the liability insurance under the county’s since the county is the owner of the property. The fair association will break out some of the maintenance expenses such as mowing, upkeep, grading, etc. SCFA is welcome to come to the county with specific requests for items contained in their plan.


Extension Program Plans for 2006

Lori Laberee, Sawyer County 4-H/Youth Development faculty, provided the monthly report for Extension (on file).  Motion by Bassett, seconded by Suhsen to accept written reports and out of county travel for January. Motion carried.


Approval of Vouchers

Motion by Voight, seconded by Bassett to approve the vouchers.  Motion carried.


Any other Extension business for discussion only




Motion by Bassett, seconded by Riedmann to adjourn. Motion carried.


Recorded by David Berard