Meeting Agendas & Minutes


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Sawyer County Forestry Committee

January 4, 2006


Committee Members Present:        Shirley Riedmann      Jim Bassett        Shirley Suhsen         Bill Voight                              


County Personnel Present:              Greg Peterson        Kris Mayberry         Don Mrotek        Dennis Erickson        Carol Larson


DNR Personnel Present:                  Nick Koltz                              


Others Present:                                 Sherryl Liermann


The meeting was called at to order at 8:30 am by Chairperson Riedmann.


Motion by Suhsen, second by Bassett to approve the agenda.  Motion carried.


Motion by Voight, second by Bassett to approve the minutes of the December 5, 2005 meeting   Motion carried.


Event Dates


Request received from Gary Crandall regarding Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival scheduled for September 15-17, 2006.  Motion by Bassett, second by Suhsen to approve request contingent upon receiving certificate of insurance.  Motion carried.


Proposed plan for Forestry/Land & Water/Extension Departments needs including cold storage


Dennis Erickson reported that UW-Extension and Land & Water Conservation do not want to move out of building and presented plan for addition by Ambulance garage (copy on file with minutes).  The cost would be approximately $1800 per lineal foot for the garage area (60 foot wide) and $2400 per lineal foot for the office/

reception area (32 foot wide).  The process of architect work, permits, etc. would take approximately 5-7 months, with bidding taking from 3-6 weeks.  Dennis stated that it doesn't make sense to move one (1) department without getting any room to speak of in return and recommended that an addition to the Courthouse be considered.


Motion by Suhsen, second by Bassett to recommend to the Property/Airport Committee plans for the cold storage garage.  Motion carried.


Motion by Bassett, second by Riedmann to recommend to Property/Airport Committee to revisit Courthouse expansion plans based on needs for Forestry, Ag and Extension and Land & Water Conservation.  Motion carried.


ATV/Snowmobile report


Don Mrotek:  1) Bayfield County Draft Ordinance for Regulation of County Trail System was circulated to the Committee for review  (copy on file with minutes).  2) Complaints have been received from private landowner over closed section of trails over his private land and snowmobiles crossing private land adjacent to trail.  3) There was good snowmobiling for awhile - Seeley Hills was good, Lake Hayward opened up (two machines fell in) -now signed Closed.  4) Sherryl Liermann, USFS  District Recreation Specialist was introduced.  5) Greg and Don will look at areas for ATV camping including Weirgor Road.  6) Trail 5 and 27 is closed this winter - Plum Creek has logging jobs in area.  7) Snowmobile safety classes are coming up.  8) New maps are available.


Trail closure guidelines


Guidelines will be on agenda for February meeting.


Annual Work Plan


Motion by Bassett, second by Suhsen to approve 2006 Work Plan and recommend approval to County Board.  Motion carried.


Sawyer County Forestry Report


Greg Peterson:  1) There are six active logging jobs - one was shut down due to excessive rutting.  2) Jeff and Pete are marking pine and hardwood.  3) One security camera is out on a job.  4) Truck bids will be going out for review on February 1, 2006.  5) Having tough getting other surveillance camera back from shop.  6) Greg is working with Carol Larson to recommend department reorganization.


DNR Forestry Report


Nick Koltz:  1) Has been working on Environmental Assessment for the Comprehensive Land Use Plan - 58 pages of facts and figures - appreciates information received from Dee.  2) Certification for Sawyer County will probably be in 2007.


Joint Forester/DNR meeting - 12/15/05


Committee members are invited to attend.  Meetings are very important.


Other matters for discussion only


Riedmann inquired whether Comprehensive Land Use Plan had been approved by DNR yet - should be done in the next week.


Monthly vouchers


Motion by Bassett, second by Suhsen to approve vouchers as presented.  Motion carried.




Motion by Voight, second by Bassett to adjourn.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 9:45 am.   



Delores Dobilas