Meeting Agendas & Minutes


Last Updated 7/3/2007 11:18:46 AM

Minutes of January 11, 2006 Highway Committee Meeting



Committee Members Present:    Ron Kinsley, Mel Olson, Pat Aderman, Nate DeLong,

                                                    and Frank Romnes


County Personnel Present:           Gary Gedart, and Joanne Nitz


Guests:                            Jon Leblanc, Ed Metcalf, and Heather Prois


Nate DeLong called the meeting to order at 8:00 a.m.


1.                  Approve agenda and any additions


Motion by Kinsley, second by  Aderman to approve agenda.  Motion carried.


2.                  Approve minutes from December meeting


Motion by Aderman, second by Romnes to approves minutes from the December 12th meeting.  Motion carried.  Motion by Kinsley second by Olson to approve minutes from the December 15th meeting.  Motion carried.


3.                  Audience recognition




4.                  Sawyer County Fair Association maintenance requests


Ed Metcalf was present to establish a partnership with the county in regards to being able to request help with maintenance at the fairgrounds. He indicated that they would need help with labor, grading of parking lots, mowing and other maintenance duties as needed.  Motion by Kinsley, second by Romnes to establish this partnership with the Fair Association, and Ed will communicate with Gary as to their needs.  Motion carried.


5.                  Hayward Inline Marathon request


Heather Prois was present to request the use of county roads for a marathon to be held on July 8, 2005.  The committee had some concerns in regards to safety issues with the traffic control.  Motion by Romnes, second by Olson to approve the request contingent on contact with Law Enforcement and approval at the Public Safety Meeting.  Motion carried.



6.                  Consultant interviews for CTH S and CC projects


Engineering firms were present to give their presentations and costs for two projects that will be done within Sawyer County.  The committee decided to have Gary and Frank review the material and then make a decision on which firm to perform the engineering work.


7.                  Commissioners Report


Gary reported that the crew has been out on snow and ice control.  They have also been brushing on CTH G & F.  Gary reported to the committee that he has submitted paperwork for a grant pertaining to pavement marking.  Gary indicated that Jay will be working on the rest of the equipment bids and will have them ready for the February meeting.  Gary indicated that the holding tanks at the Winter and Radisson shops would need to be increased in capacity.


8.                  Highway Department Financial Statement


Motion by Romnes, second by Aderman to approve the October financial statement.


9.                  Old Business




10.              New Business




11.              Out of County Travel


Jay Sands to Shop Foreman meeting in Washburn County on January 18, 2006

Gary Gedart to Winter Highway Conference in Wisconsin Dells on January 24-25, 2006.

Motion by Romnes, second by Aderman to approve out of county travel.  Motion carried.


12.              Review and approve December bills


Motion by Aderman, second by Romnes to approve the December bills.  Motion carried.


13.              Adjournment


Motion by Romnes, second by Aderman to declare meeting adjourned

a.m 10:20 a.m.