Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Land and Water Conservation

Last Updated 7/3/2007 11:19:15 AM

Sawyer County Land & Water Conservation Committee

January 5, 2006




Committee Members Present:            Shirley Suhsen                     Shirley Riedmann

                                                                Bill Voight                             Roger Ploger


Others Present:     Dianne Ince, County Treasurer

                                Don Mrotek, County ATV/Snowmobile Coordinator

                                Kris Mayberry, County Clerk

                                Mike Koehler, NRCS

                                Dale Olson, County Conservationist

                                Dan Tyrolt, LCO Conservation

                                Heather Harrington, NWBE

                                Dan Carthel, Carthel Engineering

                                Carol Larson, County Human Resources

                                John Haack, UWEX

                                Kathy Bartilson, DNR

                                Ed Slaminski, DNR


The meeting was called to order at 9:02 a.m.  Motion by Suhsen, second by Voight, to approve the agenda.  Motion carried.


Motion by Suhsen, second by Riedmann, to approve the minutes for the December 2, 2005 meeting.  Motion carried.


Land Sale Concerns

No business.


Release of Gravel Rights

No business.


NRCS Business

Work report distributed (copy on file).  Discussion regarding funding for projects within the county.


DNR Business

No business.


LCO Business

Tyrolt reported on preliminary results of water quality data that indicate improvements in some areas. 


Proposed Totogatic/St. Croix River Designation

Presentation and materials regarding the proposed wild river designations were provided by DNR/UWEX staff.  Discussion regarding the interpretation of repair/replacement of recreational bridges language and the potential affect on tourism.  State Senator Jauch will be presenting the proposal and is currently working on the draft.  Committee consensus to send a letter to Senator Jauch expressing their concerns with regard to recreational trail bridges.



Billyboy Dam Failure Analysis

Harrington provided update regarding the checklists for the base flood elevation studies required by DNR staff and the remaining components for the dam failure analysis.  Additional survey work is being completed to determine the affect downstream buildings will have on the hazard rating.  Expected maintenance issues include work on the embankment and improved gate operation. 


Motion by Suhsen, second by Voight, to extend completion of the Billyboy Dam Failure Analysis to February 1, 2006.  Motion carried.


County Work Report

Conservationist monthly work report and department annual reports and workplan distributed (copies on file).  Olson reported on meeting to address concerns of Tiger Cat flowage residents related to the Round Lake water level issues.  Discussion regarding malfunction of the automated gate at Price Dam and potential staff participation in task force being developed.


Olson reported that shoreline restoration recommendations developed by staff for individuals receiving citations from either county zoning or DNR staff are being challenged by property owners.  Committee will review a draft recommendation at the next meeting.


Discussion regarding the aquatic invasive species coordinator grant.  Motion by Suhsen, second by Riedmann, to approve the resolution (copy on file) requesting financial assistance to develop an aquatic invasive species control program.  Motion carried.


2005 Wildlife Damage Crop Reimbursement Rates

Crop reimbursement rates were discussed.  Motion by Suhsen, second by Voight, to set the following rates for 2005 wildlife damage claim reimbursement:  Corn - $2.15; Soybeans - $5.89; Oats - $1.78; Sunflowers - $.20; and Alfalfa - $120.  Motion carried.


2005 Wildlife Damage Claims

Individual claim totals were reviewed (copy on file).  Motion by Riedmann, second by Voight, to approve the 2005 wildlife damage claims as presented.  Motion carried.


Monthly Expenditures

Motion by Suhsen, second by Riedmann, to approve the expenditures presented.  Motion carried.


Other Business for Discussion

Olson reported the 2006 DATCP/DNR staffing grant will be increased from $86,100 to $93,176.  Discussion on increasing secretary to 40 hours per week and boat funding.


Motion by Suhsen, second by Voight, to adjourn.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 10:50 a.m.



Jan Eck, Recorder