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 February 2, 2006


Sawyer County Agriculture & Extension Education Committee and Representatives


Shirley Suhsen                          Bill Voight                    Shirley Riedman

Jim Bassett                               Bob Vitcenda               Ed Metcalf

Lori Laberee                            Trinke McNurlin


Meeting called to order at 8:33 am by Chair Shirley Riedman.


Moved to approve the agenda with the addition of Superior Days funding by Suhsen, seconded by Vitcenda.  Motion Carried


Moved by Bassett and seconded by Vitcenda to approve the minutes from the January 4th meeting.  Motion Carried


Sawyer County Agriculture Fair Association Report

Ed Metcalf, Sawyer County Agriculture Fair Association President, updated the committee on efforts conducted for the annual county fair.  The SCAFA has received a bid for a 10 foot high post frame chain link fence to provide fair attendees safety during the four day event.  The 170 foot fence estimate is $4,762.  Discussion was held clarifying the project.  Moved by Suhsen, seconded by Voight to send the request for payment of the chain link fence at the county fairgrounds to the county Finance Committee.  Motion Carried.


Discussion was held regarding safety compliant bleachers at the county fairgrounds.  Metcalf outlined a number of items to be considered to make the bleachers compliant with safety issues.  Berard contacted Legends Architectural firm to clarify modifications necessary to meet code.  Architect Derrick suggested contacting a bleacher manufacturer to identify necessary improvements to be compliant with code.  Riedman suggested seeking options to include bleachers that are permanent, portable or upgraded.  It was also suggested to invite a bleacher manufacturing representative to observe the present bleachers and provide recommendations. 


Chuck Aubart and Kris Mayberry are investigating SCAFA insurance with Duffy.


SCAFA representatives met with the Sawyer County Highway Committee and Gary Gedhart regarding areas of cooperation in maintaining the county fairgrounds.  The committee authorized Gary to use appropriate judgment to assist with reasonable measures to maintain the fairgrounds.


Superior Days Funding for Sawyer County participants was discussed.  Laberee presented an estimate of expenses, including a $400 contribution from the Sawyer County 4-H Leaders Association for two youth and two adult participants.  Berard was asked to forward the information to Kris Mayberry.  Moved by Suhsen, seconded by Bassett to submit the proposal to the Sawyer County Finance Committee.  Motion Carried.


Wisconsin Nutrition Education Program

WNEP program assistant position was discussed with committee members, outlining the position is grant funded.  The grant pays only for hours worked.  If grant funds are eliminated, so is the job.  Due to limited office work space, resourceful thinking on how to meet the need was shared with committee members.   Berard had discussed the position with Larson.  The committee requested Berard contact Larson to affirm parameters of position regarding the bargaining unit with Katherine Prenn, legal counsel.


Agent Report

David Berard presented the monthly report for the committee.  Included in his report were comments regarding his annual performance evaluation and review.  Berard indicated that closed session be scheduled for the March meeting for committee members to discuss his performance review. 


Out of County Travel

Moved by Basset, seconded by Riedman to approve out of county travel.  Motion carried.


Approval of Vouchers

Moved by Suhsen, seconded by Basset to approve vouchers.  Motion carried.


A written department report was submitted to committee members from UW Extension employees McNurlin, Berg-Sutten and Laberee. 


Committee members inquired about the governor’s funding proposal for select counties related to people in poverty.  Discussion was held regarding how data is collected and a county identified as impoverished.  McNurlin sited her monthly report which includes needs identified in Sawyer County, which ranks number one in the state for people in poverty.  McNurlin indicated significant dollars have been appropriated for income eligible first home buyers through WHEDA.  Participants will need to meet requirements. 


Basset mentioned receiving an email from Agriculture Agent Schessow indicating a plea to advertise and promote the upcoming Master Gardner program beginning February 14, in Hayward. 


Motion to adjourn by Suhsen, seconded by Vitcenda.  Meeting adjourned at 9:25 am.