Meeting Agendas & Minutes


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Minutes of the meeting of the Property and Airport Committee

Sawyer County Board of Supervisors

December 8, 2003, 8:30 a.m., Assembly Room, Sawyer County Courthouse


members present: John Hirschfeld (Chairman), Melvin Olson, Nate DeLong, Tom Pydo, Mark Kelsey


Motion by Pydo, 2nd by DeLong, to approve the meeting agenda as presented.  Motion carried.


Motion by DeLong, 2nd by Olson, to approve the minutes of the meeting of November 4, 2003.  Motion carried.


Maintenance Department Supervisor Erickson reported on projects completed, in progress, and planned for the Maintenance Department, including projects in the Law Enforcement Center, installation of a metal detector at the entrance to the Large Courtroom and a metal locking gate in the UW-Extension corridor, and construction of new tables for County Board meetings.  Maintenance will soon be installing a new sound system in the Large Courtroom.


Mr. Erickson requested approval to construct a small prisoner hold area within the room behind the Large Courtroom that is also now used to store large quantities of paper for the Courthouse.  The storage room would be isolated from the prisoner hold room and have its own entrance.  Motion by DeLong, 2nd by Pydo, to approve the request with the funds to come from the Sawyer County Jail Assessment Fund.  Motion carried.


The Committee discussed the Personnel and Administrative Committee recommendation to have the exterior Courthouse door in the hall across from the Large Courtroom left unlocked during business hours to allow for employees to enter and exit into the courtyard to smoke without propping the door open.  Propping the door open has led to complaints that smoke, cold and heat enter the building.  This option was recommended in lieu of expending funds to build a shelter on the Courthouse grounds for the use of smokers.  Maintenance Department Supervisor Erickson reviewed his concerns for Courthouse security if the door is left unlocked.  The Committee determined to have Mr. Erickson investigate options, including the option of fencing the courtyard from outside incursion.  An exit-only gate would need to be installed since the courtyard is used as an emergency escape area.


The Committee reviewed the monthly expense vouchers for the Maintenance Department.  Motion by DeLong, 2nd by Pydo, to approve the Maintenance Department vouchers.  Motion carried.


Dan and Patty Leslie, of L & L Aviation (contracted Sawyer County Airport management), presented their monthly report on operations and conditions at the Sawyer County Airport. The following were also present for the portion of the agenda pertaining to the Airport:  Town of Hayward Chairman Jeff Hormuth, Omar Villa (Hayward Wood Products), Jack Ardoyno, Cliff Korn, Cynthia Holloway, Harry Partlow, Lloyd Driessen, and Wayne Williamson.


The Committee reviewed a proposal from A.A. Hanson Electric for the repair ($1,475) or replacement ($2,670) of a malfunctioning radio controller at the Airport.  The controller allows pilots to remotely turn up landing lights for landing at the Airport.  Motion by DeLong, 2nd by Pydo, to approve expending the funds necessary to both repair and replace the controller to allow for a spare to be on hand in the event of a future malfunction.  Motion carried.


Cooper Engineering representative Sharon Masek presented information and answered questions about the environmental assessment prepared by Cooper Engineering for the Airport improvement project.  A public hearing is scheduled for the environmental assessment and for the Airport project’s funding on January 6, 2004, from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m., in the Large Courtroom of the Sawyer County Courthouse.  The public is encouraged to attend, to ask questions, and to present their comments.


The Committee discussed the option of closing the portion of Airport Road that is adjacent to Hayward Wood Products to avoid the need for acquisition of land from Hayward Wood Products and the Williamsons for the relocation of Airport Road.  This option is favored by Hayward Wood Products as they plan an expansion of their main production building into the area that would need to be acquired for the relocation of Airport Road.  Town of Hayward Chairman Jeff Hormuth advised the Committee that several Town of Hayward residents living on or near Airport Road have expressed concern and opposition to closing that portion of Airport Road.  He requested that Airport Road residents be individually advised of the January 6, 2004 public hearing on the Airport project to allow them to receive information and comment on the project.  Sharon Masek offered to attempt to comply with this request if provided with the names and addresses of these residents.


Committee Chairman John Hirschfeld requested that the issue of aircraft hangar regulation and inspection by the County be included on the agenda for the January meeting of the Committee.


The Committee reviewed the monthly expense vouchers for the Airport.  Motion by Pydo, 2nd by Kelsey, to approve the vouchers.  Motion carried.


Motion by Pydo, 2nd by Kelsey, to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried.



Minutes prepared by Kris Mayberry, Sawyer County Clerk