Meeting Agendas & Minutes


Last Updated 7/2/2007 10:24:52 AM

Meeting Minutes of December 10, 2003 Highway Committee Meeting


Draft – Subject to approval by the Highway Committee


Committee Members Present:  Bob Vitcenda, Hal Helwig, Bill Voight, Don Trettin, and Mel Olson

County Personnel Present:  Gary Gedart

Others Present:  Ron Poppe, D.J. Aderman, Tom Judd, Steve Atherton, and Lauri Perlick


The meeting was called to order by Chairman Bob Vitcenda at 9:00 a.m. 


1.                    Approve agenda and any additions


Agenda item #5 was deleted as Terry Patenaude, Sawyer County Highway Employee Association President was not available to attend the meeting.  Motion by Helwig, second by Trettin to approve the agenda as presented.  Motion carried.


2.                    Approve minutes from November meeting


Motion by Voight, second by Trettin to approve the minutes of the November meeting.  Motion carried.


3.                    Audience Recognition


None at this time.


4.                    Discuss Jurisdictional Transfer of Mosquito Brook Road


Town of Hayward Chairman Jeff Homuth called prior to the meeting and indicated that he would not make the meeting.  Town of Lenroot Chairman Ron Poppe was present to discuss the possible jurisdictional transfer of Mosquito Brook Road to Sawyer County.  There are 3.9 miles that lie within the Town of Lenroot and 1.1 miles that lie within the Town of Hayward.  The matter was tabled until after the committee conducts their spring road tour.


5.                    Terry Patenaude, Sawyer County Highway Employees Association


Prior motion removed this agenda item.


6.                    Speed Zone Ordinance on County Road B


The City of Hayward had previously requested a speed limit reduction on County Road B, from Olker Road to Chippewa Trail.  The matter had been tabled until after reconstruction of the road.  The ordinance for this speed limit reduction would lower the speed from 55 m.p.h. to 35 m.p.h.  The proposed speed zone on County Road B would extend from the intersection of STH 27 to approximately 545 feet east of Chippewa Trail.  Motion by Helwig, second by Olson to approve the resolution and forward it to the Full County Board for their approval.  Motion carried.


7.                    Frozen Road Declaration on Sawyer County Roads


D.J. Aderman of Johnson Timber Corporation and Tom Judd of Lousiana Pacific Corporation were present to request that Sawyer County make the frozen road declaration on county roads in Sawyer County.  The current frozen road declaration only applies to state trunk highways.  The declaration allows for a maximum of 98,000 pounds as opposed to a maximum of 90,000 pounds.   Commissioner Gedart informed the committee that Bayfield, Rusk, Ashland, and Washburn counties have either declared or will make the frozen road declaration.  Motion by Helwig, second by Vitcenda to authorize the highway commissioner to make the frozen road declaration after consulting with the highway committee chairman.  Motion carried.


8.                    Discuss Reorganization Plan


Motion by Olson, second by Voight to supply the shop foreman with a take-home vehicle on a year-round basis.  Motion failed on a 2-2 vote.  (Currently the shop foreman is supplied a take-home vehicle only during the construction season.)


                The committee reviewed the overtime report and leadman report.


9.                    Commissioner’s Report


Test digs were completed by the department on the Plum Creek property located off of County Road W in the Town of Winter.  The digs revealed some good gravel deposits.  Commissioner Gedart will be pursuing this with Plum Creek representatives.  The commissioner reported on the status of his dealings with the City of Hayward.  A letter was sent to the Mayor outlining the City’s responsibilities in the event of any future water main breaks under County Road B.  The Mayor indicated that he would be meeting with the commissioner to discuss the status of the cost share on County Road B.  The request from the LCO Police Department for the use of the County’s fuel system was denied.  The committee felt that at this time use of the tanks should be restricted to county agencies only.  A letter was drafted to LCO Tribal Council asking for assistance in combating the problem of sign graffiti.  Equipment specifications for a motorgrader and two tri-axle trucks were reviewed with the committee.  Bids for these items will be opened at the January highway committee meeting.


10.                 Old Business – discussion only


None at this time


11.                 Items for discussion only


None at this time


11.           Out-of-County Travel     


                None at this time


12.                 Review and approve voucher for November bills


Motion by Helwig, second by Voight to approve the voucher for the November bills.


13.                 Closed session pursuant to Wis. Stats. 19.85 (1) (e) for the purpose of considering a pending arbitration issue


Motion by Olson, second by Vitcenda to proceed into closed session for the purpose of discussing a pending arbitration issue.  Roll call vote passed.


(Minutes of closed session are kept in a confidential file at the Office of the County Clerk)


14.                 Adjournment


Motion by Trettin second by Vitcenda to reconvene into open session and simultaneously adjourn at 12:05 p.m.  Motion carried.