Meeting Agendas & Minutes


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Sawyer County Forestry Committee

December 3, 2003


Committee Members Present:                 Shirley Suhsen, Bill Voight, Frank Romnes, Nate DeLong,
John Hirschfeld           


County Personnel Present:                        Michael Kruger, Peter Sievert, Jeff Steidl, Don Mrotek            


DNR Personnel Present:                        Pete Wisdom                       Kim Lemke              Susan Miller


Others Present:                                     Bruce McMillin Tom Lambert               Theresa Lambert                                             

The meeting was called to order at 9:30 a.m.


Motion by Romnes, second by Suhsen to approve the agenda moving item 7 to 2A.  Motion carried.


Motion by Romnes, second by DeLong to approve the minutes of the November 3, 2003.  Motion carried.


Tom Lambert request – lease/sale of easement


Shirley read letter.  Mike stated that county does not give perpetual easements and since Mr. Lambert already has access to his property a low-use access permit would not be appropriate.  Mr. Lambert explained his reasons for requesting easement.  A lengthy discussion ensued.  DeLong stated that a set policy must be followed and arguing would do no good.  Mr. Lambert stated that if the county did not let him have an easement, no person from county or agent is allowed on his property as long as county denies easement.  DeLong questioned whether policy (from 10-Year-Plan) needs to be changed.  New 10-Year-Plan will be worked on starting next year and that is the time to do something.


Event Dates


1)      Request from Robert Olson, Hayward Lions Club for use of Birkie Trail on February 7, 2004 along with request for waive of entrant fee.  Fee for 2003 accompanied application (using outdated form and fee schedule).  Motion by Suhsen, second by Hirschfeld to approve use of trail contingent upon receiving certificate of insurance, but not waiving entrant fee.  Motion carried.

      2)            Request from Gary Crandall, Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival for use of Birkie Trail for annual             race to be held September 17-19, 2004.  Motion by Romnes, second by Voight to approve             request contingent upon receiving certificate of insurance.  Motion carried.


Snowmobile/ATV trail agreements – Plum Creek timberlands


Motion by Hirschfeld, second by Romnes to approve agreements.  Motion carried.


Ordinance regarding paintballs at Hatchery Creek Park


Mike Kruger stated that Land and Water Conservation Committee would have more information.  There has been damage to buildings from paintballs.  In order to have an ordinance in effect that could be enforced, it would mean adding it to the 10-Year-Plan which would have to go to the full County Board for approval.  Don Mrotek passed out copy of letter  being handed out to paintball supply buyers.                        


Page 2 – Sawyer County Forestry Committee Minutes – December 3, 2003 – Continued


Disposal of defective Sportsmens Map


Committee consensus was to get rid of them.


Timber Sale Bid Opening – 10:00 am


Bid were opened and read.  Motion by DeLong, second by Voight to accept high bid on each tract after checking for math errors.  Motion carried.


Sawyer Forestry Report


Mike Kruger:  1) It was a good hunting season.  2) Marking timber – this current sale is mostly winter jobs.  3) Pete and Jeff are using GPS to run lines.  4) Town of Round Lake wants to cut right-of-way, but not work on roads.  Pete Wisdom suggested having someone from DOT come and explain re-routes and road right-of-ways.


Suhsen asked whether Jeff is doing other things in job description other than marking timber.  He has been studying security camera set-up and could get it out on jobs this winter.


DNR Forestry Report


Sue Miller:  Presented information regarding ATV use on county lands that she ran across during hunting season.  Two county recreational cabins were issued citations and one other was given a warning.  She noticed the ATV use and No camping signs that were posted in the Winter Block.  She suggested that the camp owners be notified regarding illegal ATV use.  A length discussion was held and it was decided that this item should be put on agenda for January 2004 meeting, with camp owners (80, 8, 7 and 19) being notified that there is a possibility of non-renewals.

Pete Wisdom:  Committee has choice to revoke camp permits of ones that are continuing to abuse policy.


Any other conservation business, for discussion only


Don Mrotek:    1) Questioned whether ATV ordinance has been worked on.  Mike will contact Corporation Counsel to find out status and if he will have time to take a look at it, or if not, Mike will contact someone else.  2) Put article in papers regarding Plum Creek timberlands.  3) There has been a series of meetings regarding changing the designation of the Tuscobia State Trail to allow for year-round ATV use.   He  passed out copy of public comment sheet regarding Tuscobia Trail.  Bruce McMillan, director with the A.W.S.C. related that snowmobilers have nothing against ATV’ers, but feel that for 3-4 months the Tuscobia should remain snowmobile only.    4) Trail problems have been fixed.  5) Trying to figure out which and how many bridges are on county land for new county accounting procedure.  6) Talks on railroad grade (Bayfield-Sawyer County) must start soon before there is development. 


Romnes stated  that he has received numerous letters from camp owners.  He passed out newsletter from Tupper Creek Conservation Society, Ltd.


Dee:  1) Passed out logger financial report.


Mike:  Since budget has been approved, he will be advertising for new pickup with bids to be opened at January meeting.



Page 3 – Sawyer County Forestry Committee Minutes – December 3, 2003 – Continued


Approve vouchers


Motion by DeLong, second by Hirschfeld to approve the vouchers.   Motion carried.


Adjourn meeting


Motion by Hirschfeld, second by Suhsen to adjourn meeting.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 11:40 a.m.


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