Meeting Agendas & Minutes


Last Updated 7/4/2007 10:09:35 AM


Sawyer County Forestry Committee

January 4, 2007


Committee Members Present:     Jim Bassett                   Doug Mrotek                  Fred Zietlow                  

                                                Bob Vitcenda                 Shirley Riedmann


County Personnel Present:         Greg Peterson               Kris Mayberry               


DNR Personnel Present: Don Hoeft                      Larry Glodoski


Others Present:                         Don Mrotek                   Bryon Schroeder            John Saunders

                                                Ned Zuelsdorff                Butch Meyer                  Connie Chaney

                                                Stan Strainis                 Dale Beissel                  Dick Olson

                                                Ken Johnson                 Rob Lang                      Terrell Boettcher

                                                Douglas Kurtzweil          Linda Zillmer                                         


The meeting was called at to order at 9:35 am by Chair Bassett.


Motion by Vitcenda, second by Bassett to approve the agenda with the addition of:  Approving Fire Warden list.  Motion carried.


Motion by Riedmann, second by Vitcenda to approve the minutes of the December 4 and December 18, 2006 meetings.  Motion carried.


Event Dates

None requested.


Market Value impact of BCPL lands

Kris Mayberry summarized the market value impact on parcels that retain the right of the public to cross lands to get to navigable waters.  A market impact discount of $27,000 was offered on these parcels.  The State paid for this appraisal (County paid share of initial appraisal).


Motion by Riedmann, second by Vitcenda to approve amending purchase agreement to pay $27,000 less for BCPL parcels and recommend approval by the full County Board.  Motion carried.


Peterson reported that the no interest loans from the State went through for $500,000 each year (2007 and 2008).


Recommendations from December 21 meeting including financing a coordinator position

The recommended responsibility list was included with the minutes.  Motion by Vitcenda, second by Riedmann to approve.  Motion carried. 


Discussion was held on restoring the $3000 eliminated from the budget for the Snowmobile Coordinator position.  Vitcenda questioned whether $3000 is enough.  Schroeder stated that the Alliance will kick in $7000.  Motion by Vitcenda, second by Riedmann to recommend restoring the $3000 eliminated from the 2007 budget to the Finance Committee with funds to be taken from Resource Development.  Motion carried.


Discussion was held on whether administrative costs could by taken from grant.  Diane Conklin will be asked to attend February meeting to discuss grants and procedures. 


Recreational Trail Report

Peterson reported:  1) Hay Creek project is in; 2) Snuss Creek - waiting for permit; 3) Chippewa Trail - held up, needs information. 


Dead Horse Trail re-route

Connie Chaney, USFS introduced herself and wants to work more closely with the County.  The Travel Management Plan (Rule) will have a public meeting on January 30th and government official meeting on February 12th at Lakewoods.


Discussion on Dead Horse Trail re-route followed.  Motion by Vitcenda, second by Bassett to allow the USFS to use portion of County Forest for re-route of trail.  Motion carried.


Peterson stated that the re-route needs to be a "built" trail.  Trail should not be opened until sustainable constructed trail is completed, due to the heavy soils in the area.  There may be grant money available.


Chaney stated that stewardship contracts give the USFS the ability to use timber harvest money for trail work.


Revised Spring closure dates


Discussion was held on changing closure dates to April 1 to Friday before Memorial Day.  Motion by Zietlow, second by Vitcenda to table any action until further discussion.  Motion carried.


Emergency Fire Warden list

Don Hoeft passed out list.  Motion by Zietlow, second by Vitcenda to approved list and send to full County Board for approval.  Motion carried, with Bassett abstaining.


Sawyer County Forestry Report

Peterson reported:  1) Six jobs active, waiting for freeze up;  2) Timber sale work being done.


DNR Forestry Report

Glodoski reported:  1) Questioned  ATV "play area" - may have to withdraw from for Forest Crop designation and may not be compatible.


Possibility of assistance - Chippewa Islands Project - Doug Kurtzweil

Kurtzweil explained that project was launched 3 1/2 years ago.  The committee may come in with a request for assistance in purchasing Moonshine Island.  The Tribe may acquire the island. 


Joint County/DNR Foresters meeting minutes

No meeting held in December.


Evaluate and prioritize departmental services

Peterson passed out breakdown of work responsibilities.  This item will be on agenda monthly with updates.


Monthly expense vouchers

Motion by Bassett, second by Riedmann to approved vouchers as presented.  Motion carried.


Other matters for discussion only

John Saunders - spring closure - may need to bring back same committee as 15 year plan.

Mike Outcalt - think about economic impact not just on ground.

Bryon Schroeder - one person should not make decision on closure.


Closed Session

At 11:20 a.m. a motion was made by Vitcenda, second by Riedmann to go into Closed Session as authorized by WI State Statute 19.85(1)(c) to discuss the performance evaluation of the County Forest Administrator.  Motion carried.


Motion by Vitcenda, second by Riedmann to return to Open Session.  Motion approved.



Motion by Vitcenda, second by  Bassett to adjourn.  Motion carried.  Meeting was adjourned at 12:10 p.m.



Delores Dobilas