Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Jail Inmate Programs

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Minutes of the meeting of the Sawyer County Jail Inmate Programs Committee

January 3, 2007; 6:30 p.m.; Assembly Room; Sawyer County Courthouse


members present:  Ron Kinsley (Chair), Joe Eichinger (Vice-Chair), Pat Aderman, Kathy McCoy, Circuit Court Judge Norman Yackel, Jail Administrator Kurt Barthel (on behalf of Sheriff James Meier), Pastor Timothy Warner, Dr. John McKichan, AODA and MH Coordinator Joe Bodo (on behalf of Health and Human Services Department Director Pete Sanders)


Motion by McCoy, 2nd by Aderman, to elect Ron Kinsley as Chair of the Committee.  Motion carried by unanimous voice vote.


Motion by Aderman, 2nd by McCoy, to elect Joe Eichinger to be Vice-Chair of the Committee.  Motion carried by unanimous voice vote.


The Committee discussed the mission and goals of the Committee.


Jail Administrator Kurt Barthel passed out copies of a calendar of programs currently offered to inmates of the Sawyer County Jail.  The calendar included times for library use, Bible study, GED and HSED assistance, and barber services.


The Committee discussed that prisoners stay an average of 28 days in the Jail, that many or most of the prisoners are repeat offenders and jail inmates, and that programs will need to be designed and scheduled accordingly.


The Committee discussed potential programs for prisoners, including expanded GED and HSED assistance, ministerial programs, criminal thinking and self-motivation classes, education about topics such as domestic abuse and fetal alcohol syndrome, and exercise programs.


Dr. McKichan suggested (as the physician providing medical care to prisoners in the Jail) that prisoners at the Jail need facilities for exercise, social work services, and jail discharge planning.


Ms. McCoy suggested that Jail prisoners be surveyed to ascertain the services that they believe will benefit them.


The Committee discussed providing educational programs to prisoners on the televisions in the Jail cells and following up with sessions for discussion of the topics that were presented.


Pastor Warner discussed the potential for spiritual and educational programs and assistance by local clergy.


Louise Ladenthin suggested that tribal cultural and spiritual leaders are included in the programs and that tribal representatives be included in the planning for Jail inmate programs.


The Committee determined to request that the LCO Tribal Governing Board provide a representative to attend the meetings of the Committee.


The Committee discussed having the next meeting of the Committee on February 8th.


Motion by McCoy, 2nd by Eichinger, to adjourn the meeting.


Minutes prepared by Kris Mayberry, Sawyer County Clerk