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Ag & Extension

Last Updated 7/4/2007 10:20:16 AM


Sawyer County Ag & Extension Committee

February 5, 2007


Committee Members Present:          Jim Bassett                   Shirley Riedmann          Bob Vitcenda               Fred Zietlow


County Personnel Present:                Lori Laberee                Trinke McNurlin           Dave Berard


Others Present:                                  Linda Zillmer


Chairperson Bassett called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m.


Approval of Agenda

Motion to approve the agenda by Vitcenda, seconded by Bassett.  Motion carried.


Approval of Minutes

Motion to approve minutes from the January 4, 2007 meeting by Riedmann, seconded by Bassett.  Motion carried.


Sawyer County Ag. Fair Association

Laberee attended the monthly fair board meeting and updated the committee.  Liz Metcalf resigned as Fair Secretary.  Other members on the board stepped up and assumed responsibilities. 


The Board did not get the pool of applicants they hoped for regarding the Fair Operations Manager position and it will be re-advertised.


No one from the public attended the Centennial planning meeting. 


The Fair Board submitted a list of requests to the Extension office to assume certain responsibilities in preparation for the Fair.  After discussion with Bassett, Laberee informed them at the meeting that no new responsibilities will be accepted by the UWEX office at this time for operations of the Sawyer County Fair, in compliance with UWEX policy.  The office is doing all that is possible.


Agent Reports - Dave Berard, CRD Agent

Comprehensive Planning Commission Workshop evaluation was distributed.  20-25 people were expected, 57 attended.  The Center for Land Use from Stevens Point came to present.  Planning Commissions received support until they were implemented and then it fell off.  A lot of questions were asked and people really felt the need to be informed.  Dave feels that there is a need for much more information to be presented in the future, perhaps by workshops.  Dave will be pursuing the idea.  Zietlow felt that some of the plans that have been setup by the townships were not in compliance, but that is due to lack of guidance from the state.  One big misunderstanding was the difference between planning and zoning.  Dave will speak with neighboring colleagues and will try to set up workshops at least once a quarter, perhaps for specific topics.


Riedmann asked what an official map is.  Official Map is actually an ordinance that specifically states your intention to do something.  A land use planning map is to just show intention. 


Berard stated that he was surprised by the response and questions that people had.  Linda Zillmer confirmed and also stated that the Center for Land Use Education needs to pick up on the need.


Riedmann also asks if the townships aren’t organized properly, will it be a detriment to them when applying for grants, etc.   In order to have an approved Comp Plan by the state you must follow state guidelines, stated Zietlow.  Does the county have any responsibility or a role in making sure these commissions are organized properly?  Zietlow doesn’t believe so. 


Zillmer stated that as far as funding that comes through for the plan, there are no requirements.  The commissions are made up of volunteers and all they can do is recommend things to the town board, the responsibility still lies with the town.


To summarize, Dave wanted to state that he didn’t realize there would be so much interest in this topic, but now that he knows he is going to attempt to organize more throughout the area.  Zietlow recommends getting a good land use attorney to handle a lot of the topics that people had questions on.  Zillmer feels it needs to go further and get it to the higher officials. 


Grant Availability and Management

Berg-Sutten was not able to attend, so Laberee asks to table this issue.  Vitcenda makes a motion to table the Grant Availability and Management issue, second by Bassett.  Motion carried.



The WACEC meeting is Monday, March 26, 27, 28 - Laberee handed out agenda and requests attendance by the Committee.  Our CPAG (Community Partner Advisory Group) has been meeting with Extension so Laberee is inviting member Ruth Blank to attend if no committee member will go.  Please pass along any issues you would like Laberee to speak of at WACEC.  Riedmann suggests that Laberee invite some 4H personnel to go as it is on the Agenda. 


Approval of Vouchers

Motion by Vitcenda to approve monthly vouchers, seconded by Riedmann.  Motion carried.


Out of County Travel

Motion to approve out of county travel by Riedmann, seconded by Bassett.  Motion carried.


Any Other Business

Zillmer asks Laberee to share information that she received at County WACEC meeting.  Laberee responded that she was overwhelmed by the amount of information received but has and will continue to share information with people.   One topic was alternative energy.  Discussion. 


Zillmer handed out information on upcoming Grazing Conference.


Riedmann complimented Laberee on the 4H Newsletter.  It’s looking better all the time, and she loves the increased involvement by the youth.



Motion to adjourn by Vitcenda, seconded by Bassett.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 9:11 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Rebecca Brunner-Stroede, Recorder