Meeting Agendas & Minutes


Last Updated 7/4/2007 10:23:46 AM

Minutes of the meeting of the Finance Committee

Sawyer County Board of Supervisors

February 13, 2007, 9:00 a.m., Assembly Room, Sawyer County Courthouse


members present:  Kathy McCoy (chaired the meeting), James Bassett, Nate DeLong, Dale Schleeter, Hal Helwig (for Shirley Riedmann)


also present:  Health and Human Services Department Director Pete Sanders, County Treasurer Dianne Ince, County Clerk Kris Mayberry


Motion by Bassett, 2nd by Helwig, to approve the meeting agenda.  Motion carried.


Motion by Bassett, 2nd by Helwig, to approve the January 12, 2007 meeting minutes.  Motion carried.


Information Technology Department Director Mike Coleson introduced the following representatives presenting proposals for the installation of a new telephone system for the Courthouse:

  CenturyTel - Joshua Moe and Ron Garrison

  Cheqtel - Jim Leahy

  KB Telecom & Data Services - Brad Gillott

Following presentations by the representatives the Committee determined to have Mr. Coleson review the County’s telephone system requirements and prepare more specific specifications for the installation of a new Courthouse telephone system with options for connections to other County offices not included in the original proposals.  Motion by Bassett, 2nd by Helwig, to recommend County Board approval to rescind approval of KB Telecom’s proposal from the January County Board meeting.  Motion carried.


The Committee reviewed a report from the Property and Airport Committee concerning information presented to them by Maintenance Department Supervisor Dennis Erickson about the City of Hayward’s Fifth Street and Kansas Avenue pavement, sewer, water, and sidewalk project and the assessment of costs to the County for some of the improvements along County-owned properties in the project area.  Mr. Erickson informed the Property and Airport Committee that the County has the option to have improvements done to the Sawyer County Law Enforcement Center parking area in conjunction with the City project at an estimated cost of $20,000.  Motion by DeLong, 2nd by Schleeter, to approve the Property and Airport Committee’s recommendation for County Board approval of that option, with the funds to come from the Contingency Fund Account of the 2007 Sawyer County Budget.  Motion carried.


The Committee reviewed a report from the Property and Airport Committee concerning the opportunity for the County to purchase the hangar owned by W.D. Larson at the Sawyer County Airport which is being offered for sale at the price of $425,000.  The hangar is located adjacent to the main runway apron at the Airport and next to the hangar owned by the Airport’s fixed-base operator L & L Aviation.  Due to the strategic location of the hangar the Property and Airport Committee expressed some interest in the County’s acquisition of the hangar.  The Wisconsin Bureau of Aeronautics has indicated that state and federal loans and/or grants may be used for the purchase of hangars, but only if the hangars are used for purposes specified in the funding provisions.  The Property and Airport Committee had reviewed a proposal received from Solum & Associates with a cost of $2,500 for an appraisal of the hangar, discussed whether the hangar could be used to enhance the prospects for a helicopter base at the Airport, and determined to bring the information about the opportunity to the Finance Committee and County Board.  Motion by McCoy, 2nd by Helwig, to refer further discussion of the hangar purchase back to the Property and Airport Committee for further consideration.  Motion carried.


The Committee discussed the development of a procedure for County departments and committees to begin a process of evaluating and prioritizing services provided by each department of Sawyer County.  Human Resource Manager Carol Larson and University of Wisconsin-Extension Agent Dave Berard reported that they held a meeting with County department heads to discuss developing a procedure and that department heads and County Board members have different concepts as to what should be included in the process.  Motion by Helwig, 2nd by Bassett, to recommend to the Personnel and Administrative Committee that a special County Board meeting be held to discuss the development of a procedure.  Motion carried.


County Treasurer Dianne Ince presented a financial report for Sawyer County through January of 2007.  Motion by McCoy, 2nd by Bassett, to approve the report.  Motion carried.


The Committee reviewed the Wisconsin Department of Revenue monthly report on county sales and use tax distribution to Sawyer County as follows:

§         Distributed to Sawyer County in January of 2007 - $116,152.88

§         Distributed to Sawyer County in 2007 through January - $116,152.88

§         Distributed to Sawyer County through the same month in 2006 - $97,182.24

§         2006 Sawyer County Budget sales and use tax revenue forecast - $1,300,000


The Committee reviewed the monthly expense vouchers for the departments of Sawyer County.  Motion by Helwig, 2nd by Bassett, to approve the vouchers.  Motion carried.


Motion by Schleeter, 2nd by Bassett, to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried.



Minutes prepared by Kris Mayberry, Sawyer County Clerk