Meeting Agendas & Minutes


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Minutes of the meeting of the Courthouse Committee

Sawyer County Board of Supervisors

January 6, 2003, 8:30 a.m., Assembly Room, Sawyer County Courthouse


members present:  Mark Kelsey (Chair), James Bassett, Bruce Miller, Arlene Brandt


Motion by Brandt, 2nd by Miller, to approve the meeting agenda.  Motion carried.


Motion by Miller, 2nd by Bassett, to approve the minutes of the meeting of December 5, 2003.  Motion carried.


The Committee reviewed a proposal requested by Maintenance Department Supervisor Dennis Erickson and developed by Information Technology Department Director Mike Coleson for the installation of wireless radio antennae on the Veterans Service Department building roof and on the Maintenance Department building roof to connect the Maintenance Department to the Courthouse computer network at an estimated cost of $1,600.  The connection would allow:

·         The Maintenance Department an Internet connection for vehicle, building, and grounds maintenance product registration and ordering, and for access to resources such as Chilton’s Online (vehicle repair information).

·         The County Surveyor’s Office access for downloading information from their GPS device from the Maintenance Department building where it is stored rather than carrying it to the Courthouse.

Motion by Miller, 2nd by Brandt, to recommend Finance Committee and County Board approval of the proposal and that the funds for the installation be taken from the Contingency Fund Account of the Sawyer County Budget.  Motion carried.


County Surveyor Dan Pleoger requested that the Committee recommend that the Finance Committee and County Board approve the transfer and expenditure of funds to replace the ½ ton pickup truck now used by the County survey crew with a new ¾ ton pickup truck.  Upon weighing the ½ ton truck when loaded with the equipment normally used for surveying it was found that the weight exceeded manufacturer’s limits.  Mr. Pleoger expressed his concern for the expenditures needed to repair the ½ ton truck and for the safety of operating the ½ ton truck in excess of recommended limits.  Motion by Miller, 2nd by Brandt, to approve the request.  Motion carried.


Mr. Pleoger reported that he had arranged for factory representatives for the County Surveyors Office GPS unit to come to assist with equipment calibrations and staff training.


The Committee reviewed the monthly department expense vouchers.  Motion by Miller, 2nd by Bassett, to approve the vouchers.  Motion carried.


County Clerk Kris Mayberry reported that the Wisconsin County Mutual Insurance Corporation announced a legal expense endorsement to the County’s 2004 public entity liability insurance policy coverage.  The endorsement applies to pre-emptive legal expense coverage through the Mutual’s approved law firms at Mutual negotiated rates for issues where the policy’s liability coverage does not apply.


Mr. Mayberry advised that he would prepare and submit an application for the renewal of the County’s liability insurance coverage for the Airport and that he would request an alternate proposal for coverage through Aegis Corporation, the administrator for the Wisconsin County Mutual Insurance Corporation.  The policy year ends March 15, 2004.  The notice for renewal warned that there is a potential for an increase in the annual premium.


Mr. Mayberry reviewed recent developments in claims and litigation involving Sawyer County.


Motion by Miller, 2nd by Bassett, to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried.



Minutes prepared by Kris Mayberry, Sawyer County Clerk